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“Travel Sleeper”, Self-Inflating 5″ thick Open Cell Foam Mattress, Comfortable and Portable for Road Trips and Car Camping….. In Stock

$60.00$325.00 is now offering a Self-Inflating Open Cell Foam Mattress (SIM) for Car Camping and Road Trips. The “Travel Sleeper SIM Mattress is designed specifically to fit the shape of Model Y’s trunk, but can also be used in X, S and 3; sleeps two, and is perfect for drivers looking for a very comfortable and portable mattress.  When deflatin for 6 minutes with included Air Pump & rolling up, the SIM will fit into the Frunk or Sub-Trunk of Model Y for convenient storage and transport. However, for many, rolling up the SIM into its smallest dimensions is too difficult.  In that case I suggest deflating the SIM for 6 minutes with the included air pump then with the SIM flat on the floor, roll up and secure with included straps. See Inflation/Deflation Instructions link on this page.  At 43×15 inches it still takes up very little space in your rear main trunk.  In either roll up procedure you can use your rear seats. 

Demonstration Video from Bearded Tesla Guy on YouTube


Video clip shows the SIM inside Model Y self-inflating:

The “Travel Sleeper” SIM mattress is a hybrid, utilizing both open cell foam and air to create a very comfortable, “firmness adjustable” mattress that is 5 inches thick. The Travel Sleeper SIM Inflates by itself without need of an electric pump to 85% capacity.  If desired, extra air can be added to increase firmness using the included cordless, rechargeable electric pump.  It takes about 2-3 minutes for the mattress to self inflate to 85% capacity, with no pump, and 4 minutes to deflate with the assistance of the provided portable air pump.  After deflation the SIM can be rolled up for transport storage.

This mattress can  be used in-car, in-tent and as a home guest bed.

Inflation and Deflation Instructions:

The Travel Sleeper Self-inflating Mattress (SIM) may fit other Hatchback SUVs, CUVs and Minivans.  See Mattress dimensions here:

Privacy Window Covers: (Click on “Go to Site”)

Window covers for camping privacy:  

Windshield cover for camping privacy:

Sunroof Cover for camping privacy:

StorageTip:  To maximize the lifespan of your self-inflating mattress, store inflated, with 4 valves open, under your home bed or on edge in a closet or your garage.  If your mattress is not stored fully inflated, the foam or cells inside it may become crushed, which could slow re-inflation.

Inflated size: 77″ long, 47″ wide at the shoulders, 38″ at the foot of the mattress, and is 5″ thick.  Sleeps 2

( Mummy shape, see Product Gallery Images under main thumb)

4 valves for inflation and deflation.

Travel Sleeper rolled up inside the stuff sack bag: 24x13x13 inches.

Weight:  13lbs.

Colors:  Light Grey for top and sides, with Dark Gray bottom.

Top and Sides Fabric: 50D polyester elastic, TPU Non-Toxic Silky Smooth, and water proof.

Bottom Fabric: 75D Polyester, TPU

Carry Bag (Stuff Sack) with shoulder straps for storage and portability.

Included Portable Cordless Rechargeable Air Pump:  Used to add additional firmness to the mattress if desired, and as an aid to reduce the effort required to deflate the mattress and to shrink its size for storage. Pump dimensions:  6″ x 3.25″ x 3.6″, 1 pound,  Lithium-ion Battery 12V.  Input DC5V,  Output:  2600mAh x 11.1V = 28.86wh, rechargeable, 300-350L/Min air flow, additional nozzles are included for inflation and deflation of pool toys and other inflatables.  No nozzles need to inflate or deflate the SIM.  For easiest deflation run the air pump for 6 minutes. USB-C charging cable included.

Adding air for a very firm mattress and to assist deflation, the included cordless air pump is very useful.

Infrequent need to re-charge Customer writes: “After 5 cycles of inflation/deflation, the battery indicator hadn’t dropped below 3/4 capacity.  Plenty of juice on a full charge.”

Optional Purchases:

Travel Size Pillows with White Pillowcases:

(2)  Small Travel Size Pillows each 14″ x 19″

Down Alternative insert 100% Polyester fill (12oz) with White Cotton shell.

You will enjoy the soft and sumptuous hypoallergenic alternative to Down.

Price:  $60.00 for 2 pillows with Pillow Cases, includes shipping to lower 48.

Egyptian Cotton Sheets, for Full Rectangular Shape Mattress, 300 thread count.

Not fitted sheets for the SIM –  Requires “tucking-in” to conform to the shape of the Self-inflating mattress.

(1) Elastic border bottom sheet, (1) top sheet + (2) standard size 30″x20″ pillow cases.

Colors offered:  Dark Grey, Light Grey, Black, Burgundy, and Medium Blue  Other Colors contact


Easy Care: This sheet set is colorfast and machine washable; allow a few washes for it to become softer with each wash; do not bleach; tumble dry on low; iron if necessary; follow care label instructions for the longevity of your set

Know it Better: Egyptian Cotton comes from a plant that creates extra-long staples or fibers; hand-picked so more resistant to stress; flexible; highest level of purity; breathable and comfortable.

Sheets set Price:  $65-$75.00 includes shipping to lower 48

SIM Price: $325.00 FREE shipping to the lower 48 states.

IL residents subject to 10% sales tax

Email Jerry for shipping costs to Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico, and countries outside the USA:

SIM is In Stock and Available to purchase now.