1. Clean the carpet area where Pedal will be installed. You may need to use a soft brush and a little water. Wipe carpet with microfiber towel and allow to air dry or use a hair dryer.


2. Determine the best location for dead pedal. Affix masking tape across face of the dead pedal to TEMPORARILY hold pedal in that location. Use masking tape along the left and bottom sides to mark that location, but do not apply tape to the metal.

The masking tape simply provides removable positioning lines for reference, so when you do peel off the backing film from the tape on the back side of the pedal, you will know exactly where you will install the pedal.


3. Using the red plastic pick, peel backing film away from the tape on the back side of the dead pedal.


4. Press pedal into position, and remove the temporary tape markers.