Note:  Use the longest nozzel when deflating the mattress

Tip:  It is easier to insert valve flaps, yellow and “stopper” into the SIM ports one at a time, by separating the yellow flap from the stopper flap.


There are 3 valve positions:

Open – No yellow or stopper flaps engaged, nothing in the hole of the SIM – you can see the white foam inside the SIM

Yellow Flap Engaged – used for manual deflation, the yellow flap is a one-way valve that allows air out of the SIM but does not allow air to re-enter the SIM

Closed – Engage both Yellow and “stopper” flaps after SIM is inflated and after deflation.



The SIM will self-inflate with 1 valve open (no flaps used, nothing inside the port hole in the SIM) and 3 other valves closed, (both flaps engaged)

It is not necessary to open all 4 valves for inflation,  just one valve on the wide side of the SIM. SIM will inflate to 90% or so in 3 minutes…

this will be a comfortable firmness for most people to sleep.

Close yellow and stopper flaps after inflation.  It is easier to insert the flaps one at a time, so separate the yellow flap from the “stopper” flap.

Additional Inflation with included  Air Pump

For those who want a very firmer mattress…Revese the position of the yellow silicone disk so it faces the mattress and then insert the yellow flap

into the port hole opening in the mattress..   

Add air with the pump with no nozzles attached, for 5-15 seconds,

with other 3 valves closed  (both flaps engaged)   

close stopper flapsafter filling SIM with additional air.

When the yellow silicone disk is facing the mattress,

the attaching center post faces away from the mattress, and by pushing on that “post” you can conveniently remove small amounts of air to less firmness.

Deflation without rolling up the SIM for Transport in the Main Rear Trunk. 

The least effort Requied.  2nd row seats down

With 3 valves closed, and one valve open (no flaps engaged) use the air pump (Use deflate side of pump).  Run the air pump on the wide side of the SIM for  6 minutes  Wet your pinky finger and hold it where the air flowing out of the SIM to know that air is still moving out of the SIM.  Set all 4 valves to the yellow position which allows air out, but no air back in.  Fold the flat mattress in half lengthwise and attach two straps.   Result is a long 74×20 inch size which can be layed flat or put on edge to fit with the center seat folded down.  

Deflation and Rolling-up SIM for Transport in the Main Rear Trunk.

2nd row seats up, storing long Stuff Sack

Use the longest nozzle for deflation and attach it to the deflate side of the pump. (Side that sucks air in.)

(Cut away the other nozzles for other uses).

Use an OPEN valve port (no flaps engaged) on the wide side of the mattress  while 3 other valves are closed – Both flaps engaged into the port hole.

After attaching the long nozzle to the deflate side of the air pump, insert the nozzle through the OPEN port hole

and into the cored hole tunnel inside the foam. (Verifying open pathway for air to pass)

Turn on the pump to deflate the SIM.  While pump is running, recommend laying on the mattress to help with deflation.

Deflate for 3-5 minutes until the deflated thickness of the mattress is 1.5-2 inches


Now you can roll up the SIM for transport. It is easier to roll up the SIM laying flat out (not folding in half lengthwise) to fit inside the long stuff sack.

Rolling up to fit inside the rear lower trunk is possible, but not easy to do.

Storage at home:

It is recommended that the SIM be stored inflated with 4 valves open.  You can store it under a bed, or stand it up in a closet or garage.


Regarding the straps that go around the deflated rolled up or folded SIM.  Suggest engaging the connectors and making a large loop which you then can put around the SIM – then tighten the straps to secure.   

Suggest opening or closing flaps one at a time, rather than closing both the yellow and the stopper flaps at the same time. . 

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