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Travel Cooler/Freezer For Model Y


AC/DC 21qt. (20L) Portable Cooler with Dual Temperature Controls.
Cools and Freezes at the same time.  Use in-home or on the go…
Monitor and Set Temps remotely with Bluetooth Smart Phone app

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Product Description

Enjoy Food and Drinks at home or on-the-go, with Go20 Travel Cooler.

Introducing the Go20 portable 12v combination Fridge AND Freezer. Just like your refrigerator at home, the Go20 has two compartments, one for freezing and the other for cooling.  This means Go20 can, for example, freeze ice cream in one compartment, while, AT THE SAME TIME, cool drinks in the other – at home, or on the go.  The Go20 is also versatile – If you need all the space available as a fridge, or all as a freezer, simply remove the partition between the compartments and set the single temperature you want.


This fridge can be monitored, and desired temperatures set, via Smart Phone at no charge from Google Play or Apple APP Store.


This 21qt (20L) fridge is just the right size for road and camping trips –

providing convenient access to food and drinks.


Never buy ice again! 

Imagine…No inconvenient trips to buy ice. No Wet, and No Mess to clean up.


This beautifully streamlined Fridge will look very nice in your home.

Use Go20 at home, in your office, on your patio, bar, game room, man cave or any room distant from your kitchen fridge.

(Use Go20 on your boat or golf cart if you have DC power.)


“Go20 is The Tesla of Portable Refrigerators”, combining tech, function and design into one well-built product you can enjoy for years to come.


Here’s a list of Go20’s Cooler features:

  • Size at 22.4” Wide x 12.6” Deep x 12.4” High makes this fridge easy to fit inside Teslas and nearly any vehicle or perhaps a golf cart or boat.
    Weight 25.5lbs.
  • Embedded Handles
  • 110-120v AC for home use for example in a room distant from your kitchen, den, office, bar, exercise room, guest bedroom, patio where there’s power.
  • 12v/24v DC port (Cigarette Lighter socket for car use.  Adapters included.)
  • (Use Off grid if you have a Power Station like at the park, pool side, or the beach)
    Dual Zone:  2 temperature digital control panel on the fridge.
  • Works as a Fridge AND a Freezer, at the same time.
  • Well Insulated
  • Soft close door (then push down to latch the door for an air tight connection)
  • Light inside cooler, very nice for night time use.
  • Can be monitored and temperatures controlled via Bluetooth Smart Phone App
  • German SECOP Compressor provides Efficient, Low Noise & Dependable operation.
  • 5 Year Warranty on the Compressor, 1 Year Warranty on accessories.
  • Rated at 50 Watts Typical operating range 27-45 watts.
  • Compressor Cycles on and off just like your refrigerator at home as per set temperatures.
  • Triple Battery Protection – Cooler will shut off if your battery voltage is too low.  Cut Off choices 9.4 10.9 11.6 Volts
  • Optional insulated cover.  Purchase for very hot environments, like Nevada and Arizona for example
  • After sales support provided by the manufacture’s US office in LA, Iceco
  • Exterior colors: White or Grey

These videos describe the Go20 Cooler very well.[spacer height=”15px” id=”2″]

Add fun and enjoyment to your next road or camping trip with the Go20 Travel Cooler.

This video shows how long the Go20 will run when using a Power Station Battery.

(Lithium Iron Phosphate is safer, than Li because it won’t explode, and will accept 2,000 recharging cycles to 80% of battery power)

Optional Insulated Cover:  $69.00

If the Go20 cooler will be in direct sunlight on a hot day, or the interior temperature of your parked car is over 90 degrees, the extra insulation of the cover will help maintain your set temperatures.  Also the cover has 4 D-Rings which can be used to secure the cooler in place, and the cover will help prevent scratches to the surface of the cooler.


Questions, or to order by phone Call: Jerry at 224 676 1484 Central Time or

Email to:

You might say, It’s the cooler cooler…