Kit #3 Application Instructions for product 973-QD

  1. Use 22oz 973-QD Ceramic Quick Detailer with Graphene, Waterless Wash, as described in Step 2. Use after washing and drying your car and between car washes to remove light dust and bird droppings.  Detail your car nearly anywhere with no water hose.  973-QD cleans and adds gloss and durability with each use without scratching your paint.   Can also be used to clean glass.


  1. Use Two-sided Towels to apply and buff 973-QD Quick Detailer. Fold twice for an easy to handle 8×8 inch towel size. First spray the grey short twisted fiber microfiber side with 973-QD. Used to remove light dust and bird droppings.  Flip towel over to the Blue long microfiber fiber side. Fold twice for 8×8 inch towel size and spray with 973-QD again. Use to buff surface till dry to a high gloss.  Suggest spraying the Microfiber towel with 973-QD with an “X” pattern, then horizontal and vertical lines of spray, onto the 8×8 size towel after folding twice to fully cover the 8×8 towel.
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