Kit #1 Ceramic Coating System Application Directions


Surface must be clean and dry. Remove Road oil, Contaminants, Swirl Marks and Scratches.
If your paint is highly contaminated, has scratches, deep swirl marks and rock chips, use a professional detailing shop to correct your paint. Detail shop should NOT add wax or polish after paint correction.
Wash car with Dawn Liquid soap, rinse and dry to help remove previously applied wax or polish.
Tip: For final rinse, remove nozzle from hose and with low to medium water pressure, rinse car from top to bottom.
Sheeting and Gravity will remove excess water from your car.

  1. Use Squeaky Clean Surface Prep to remove imbedded dirt and previously applied wax or polish.

Apply with Terry Cloth Microfiber covered sponge applicator to remove previously applied wax or polish so that the ceramic coating will bond to the clear coat. Allow Squeaky Clean to haze, then remove with Gold 16×16 Microfiber Towel, long fiber side. (Tip) Fold towel 2 times to create an 8×8 inch square size. After removing the haze, flip the Gold towel over to the short fiber side and fold to the 8×8 size for hand buffing. Then wipe surfaces with alcohol and a clean Gold 16×16 long fiber side of a microfiber terry cloth towel to remove any Squeaky Clean residue. The paint should now be very smooth to your fingertips. If you feel specs of contaminants, then use lubricant and clay bar to further smooth your paint.

Squeaky Clean is not for use on rubber, plastic trim, or onto lines where Paint Protection Film (PPF) meets non wrapped areas. (Optional application of Squeaky clean: Apply and buff using a random orbital polisher with a foam waffle style finishing pad speed 3-4)

  1. APPLICATION of “One Step” Concentrated 9H CERAMIC COATING:

IMPORTANT: Surfaces must be clean and cool to the touch, when air temperature is between 50F-80F.
Early morning is a good time to apply the Ceramic Coating in the shade, or inside a dust free garage. Apply 12 drops of ceramic coating to the suede sponge applicator pad. Apply evenly in an area of approximately 3×3 feet in a cross-hatch pattern, i.e. horizontally then vertically. Allow coating to flash (a rainbow appearance after 1–2 minutes) then move on to the adjacent 3×3 foot area and repeat. When a 6×3 foot area has been coated (like half a hood for example) lightly buff with a clean 16×16 Gold Microfiber Towel to smooth and remove any overlapping streaks. Then repeat the process for the remainder of the section. Inspect and smooth out each coated section with a clean 16×16 Gold Microfiber Towel to remove any overlapping streaks, before moving on to the next section, like a fender or door for example. Ceramic Coating can be used on glass, head and tail lights and wheels – any non-porous surface.

Note: If you wait too long to remove overlapping streaks, they will be very difficult to remove because the ceramic streaks will have cured.

So wipe down each section after it is coated. Do NOT coat the entire car, then try to remove overlapping streaks. Smooth as you go. Ceramic Coating generally cures in 2 hours, and even faster when exposed to direct sunlight. Also use 16×16 Gold Terry Cloth towel to apply Ceramic Coating to Glass. Keep bottles tightly sealed when not in use. Avoid Extreme Heat and Moisture.

About the suede applicator pad. If after use the surface of the suede applicator is hard, do not use it as it could scratch your paint. It is best to discard the suede applicator after use.

  1. Suggested Maintenance of Ceramic Coated Surfaces: Washing/Drying and Quick Detailing

Wash with a neutral PH car Shampoo like Duragloss 901, using a plush car wash sponge. (Both found in Maintenance Kit #2) Rinse a soapy sponge after every pass over your car to remove dirt from the sponge. Rinse car, then DRY. Maintenance + Waterless Ceramic 973-QD Quick Detailer with Graphene see Kits 2 and 3. Available at 224 676 1484 Central Time Zone

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