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Frugal Tesla Guy's Positive Review: Unveiling the Comfort of Travel Sleepers for Tesla Camping

The Frugal Tesla Guy recently reviewed the Travel Sleeper mattress by ForMyTesla, highlighting its features and his experience using it during a camping trip. In his detailed video review, he covers various aspects of the mattress, its setup process, comfort level, and how it fits within a Tesla Model 3.

Introduction and Overview: The Frugal Tesla Guy begins by introducing himself and his goal of finding a suitable mattress for car camping in his Tesla Model 3. He briefly discusses a previously reviewed memory foam mattress that, although comfortable, took up a significant amount of space in his car. He introduces the Travel Sleeper mattress and mentions its suitability for the Tesla Model Y, Model 3, Model S, and Model X.

Features of the Travel Sleeper Mattress: The reviewer introduces two versions of the Travel Sleeper mattress: one designed for two sleepers and another for a solo sleeper. Both mattresses are self-inflating, 5-inch thick open-cell foam mattresses that come with a rechargeable pump. The reviewer explains that the pump primarily aids in deflating the mattress for packing and can also be used to inflate it more quickly to desired firmness.

Camping Trip Experience: The reviewer shares his camping trip experience with his wife and son, using the Travel Sleeper mattress. They camp in a location called Elk Creek RV Resort and Campground in Northern California. He showcases their campsite, discusses the convenience of charging the Tesla, and highlights the natural surroundings. They cook food over the fire and relax by the campfire.

Setting Up the Mattress: The review demonstrates inflating the mattress using the provided pump and adjusting its firmness. The reviewer highlights the built-in dual flaps that allow air to be released for easy rolling and storage. He shares that using queen-sized sheets worked well on the mattress.

Comfort and Sleeping Experience: After a night's sleep, the Frugal Tesla Guy provides an honest review of his experience and comfort level. He mentions that his wife, who often experiences back pain while camping, did not experience any discomfort after sleeping on the Travel Sleeper mattress. He demonstrates how the mattress contours to the shape of the car, offering more sleeping space than expected. He explains that he, as a side sleeper, slept well and experienced minimal discomfort throughout the night.

Comparison with Other Mattresses: The reviewer compares the Travel Sleeper with a previously reviewed memory foam mattress that takes up more space. He appreciates how the Travel Sleeper's design optimizes the available space inside the car.

Deflating and Packing: The review demonstrates the process of deflating and packing the Travel Sleeper mattress. The reviewer shows the proper use of the dual flaps to release air and explains how the mattress can be rolled up for storage. He notes that this process can be challenging initially but becomes easier with practice.

Comparison with Solo Sleeper: The review includes feedback from the reviewer's son, who slept on the solo sleeper version of the mattress. The son mentions that the solo sleeper mattress feels more like an air mattress and suggests adjusting the firmness level. He also comments on the mattress's suitability for short camping trips.

Final Thoughts and Recommendations: The Frugal Tesla Guy concludes by summarizing his experience with the Travel Sleeper mattress. He appreciates its comfort, space-saving design, and the convenience of inflating and deflating using the pump. He suggests that the Travel Sleeper is a suitable option for those who occasionally go camping and prioritize comfort. He notes that the solo sleeper is more appropriate for shorter trips and that deflating and packing the mattress can take some practice.

In conclusion, the reviewer gives the Travel Sleeper mattress a positive review, highlighting its comfort, space-saving design, and suitability for car camping in Tesla vehicles. He suggests that the mattress is a worthwhile investment for those seeking a comfortable sleeping solution during their outdoor adventures.

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