Deflation of Travel Sleeper: Step-by-Step Guide

Deflation of Travel Sleeper: Step-by-Step Guide

Follow these simple steps to deflate your Self-inflating Mattress (SIM) for easy transport:

Step 1: Gather the necessary equipment. Use the longest nozzle from the three included nozzles. You can cut away the other nozzles for alternative uses, such as inflating pool toys.

Step 2: Identify the valve ports on the mattress. Use one OPEN valve port (No flaps engaged) located on the wide side of the mattress. Keep the other three valve ports closed with both flaps engaged.

Step 3: Attach the longest optional nozzle to the deflate side of the Air Pump. Insert the nozzle through the open valve port hole in the mattress, ensuring alignment with the cored-out tunnel inside the foam. This step verifies an open air pathway.

Step 4: Turn on the pump to initiate the deflation process.

Step 5: While the pump is running, use one hand to hold the pump in position. Alternatively, you can lie on the mattress to help with deflation.

Step 6: Deflate the mattress for approximately 5 minutes or until the mattress reaches a thickness of about 1.5 inches. At this point, very little air should be passing from the pump.

Step 7: Turn off the pump and swiftly close both the yellow and the "stopper" flaps on the valve to prevent air from re-entering the mattress.

Close the Deflation Valve

Step 8: With the mattress fully deflated, you can now proceed to fold or roll it up and attach securing straps.

Travel Sleeper folded in half and starting to roll

Step 9: For easier rolling, lay the mattress out flat (not folded in half lengthwise) and roll it up to fit inside the long stuff sack. This method is suitable for transporting the mattress in your car's primary large trunk.

Step 10: If you're aiming for the smallest rolled-up size, fold the mattress in half lengthwise after deflation, and then proceed to roll it up tightly. Secure the two straps around the rolled-up mattress and insert it into the stuff sack.

By following these step-by-step instructions, you can efficiently deflate your Self-inflating Mattress (SIM) for convenient transport and storage.


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