RE:  MAXpider Floor Liners for Tesla:

I have owned WeatherTech floor liners for years, but I must say MAXpider is a much better product.  For one thing they look nicer – not so industrial looking.  They are light weight which makes them easy to handle for removal for cleaning.  They hold their shape better than WeatherTech and are less slippery when wet.

RE:  Cargo Floor Mat for Model X:

Many thanks for being the only seller of a great cargo net custom designed to fit the Model X in any one of three configurations. And by copy, I also want to thank Michael S at Tesla Service for referring me to you when I complained about not being able to find any seller of cargo nets for  the Model X.

Our cargo net arrived on time and the next day, we used it to transport a couple lawn chairs to a soccer game.  I could NEVER have done that using a cargo net that fits vertically.  Before I discovered For My Tesla, I had to wrap the lawn chairs in large bath towels to protect the highly polished seat backs of the second row from damage if the chairs slid forward.  Any damage to those seat backs would have cost far more to repair than your cargo net cost.

I also like the cargo net’s flat design because I can leave the four straps connected when it’s not in use and the cargo net is still never in the way.  Finally, I love the quality.  Best I have ever seen and also the range of stretch and the fact that it will securely hold very small items because it is sewn on three sides.

If you would like, feel free to post my review because your cargo net has made me very happy!

RE:  Custom Floor Mats for Model X:

I installed a set of black carpeted mats from with a custom logo “MODEL X” and vinyl trim to match my tan leather interior. I also bought the optional frunk and two trunk mats: one for the 3rd row seats down and the other (with logo) for the Shelf lid that covers the cargo well.

The 3rd Row Seats Down mat can be stowed easily when the seats are raised. The Shelf mat stays in place even when the shelf is rotated up into the position that gives access to the cargo well underneath.

I am very pleased with the quality and fit of these mats, which have a non-slip rubber spiked backing – so mats stay in place without sliding around or flopping over in the passenger cabin.

Jerry at gave me superb customer service.

RA California

RE: Door Sills and Floor Mats

Just a note to thank you for both the custom floor mats and the illuminated door sills.The floor mats are “killer” and we are getting a stream of compliments.The door sill installation was a bit involved but I found a local shop to do the job. They exceed the factory sills in every respect and they look terrific!.

RE: Custom Mats

I got my mats today and I am very satisfied. Thanks again for the fantastic service and i hope i can find some interesting parts on ForMyTesla in the future.

– ST Norway

RE: Custom Mats

The mats Jerry made have added so much to the interior! Jerry’s design and artistic sense is superb! I am totally satisfied.
I can’t wait to get other after market items from him!

– HB Ohio

RE: NanoGlass

The car looks better than new…

The pictures don’t do it justice on how much it looks
like you are looking into a red puddle. It has depth. Of course, on the vertical
surfaces your brain is having an internal argument, because it looks like
you are looking at a vertical puddle which you know cannot be true.

The car looks like a puddle of paint defying gravity

– RR Georgia

RE: NanoGlass Sealant

NanoGlass has the consistency of water.  No buffing.  Residue evaporates, and is like clear finger nail polish for my paint.  After I cleaned my paint of previously applied wax with the Squeaky Clean product that comes in the NanoGlass kit, applying the NanoGlass was VERY easy.  The result was a beautiful shine which should last 2 years with usual maintenance ie washing as needed and using the NanoGlass quick detailing product.  I even put the NanoGlass on my headlights and wheels!

– JJ/Illinois