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TSW Rivage
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Wheel# 01
Vossen VFS1 Silver
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Wheel# 02
Vossen VFS1 Matte Graphite
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Wheel# 03
Avant Garde M510
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Wheel# 04
Avant Garde M610
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Wheel# 05
Avant Garde M615 Bronze
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Wheel# 06
Avant Garde M615 Brushed Stainless
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Wheel# 07
Avant Garde M615 Machined Silver
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Wheel# 08
Avant Garde M621 Directional Polished Grigio Dark Grey
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Wheel# 09
Avant Garde M621 Directional Brushed Bronze
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Wheel# 10
Avant Garde M621 Directional Candy Apple Red
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Wheel# 11
Avant Garde M621 Directional Brushed Silver
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Wheel# 12
Avant Garde M621 Directional Gold Bullion
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Wheel# 13
Gianelle Cuba-10 Matte Black Ball Cut Accents
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Wheel# 14
TSW Turbina Matte Black
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Wheel# 15
TSW Turbina Titanium with Mirror Cut Face
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Wheel# 16
Avant Garde M580 Brushed Champagne
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Wheel# 17
Avant Garde M580 Dolphin Grey
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Wheel# 18
Avant Garde M580 Matte Black
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Wheel# 19
Avant Garde M580 Matte Brushed Antique Bronze
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Wheel# 20
Avant Garde M580 Satin Silver
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Wheel# 21


Whether you are looking for replacement wheels for winter use,
light weight forged wheels to maximize range and performance,
staggered set-ups with wider rims and tires in the rear, or just want to create

a unique appearance, we can provide the right wheel design to meet your needs.


Standard Finish wheels:

(4) 19" wheels, staggered, generally cost between $1,295 - $1,795, includes shipping lower 48

(4) 20" wheels, staggered, generally cost between $1,525 - $1,925, includes shipping lower 48

Special Finishes, two-tone and color match to body color can be done as well at an extra cost.

See examples of special finishes for Avant Garde wheels here:


Forged Wheels are also available at higher price points.

Tire Pressure Monitors are $290/Set

"Ready to Bolt On" Wheel and Tire packages can be made available. Let us know

which tire brand/details and wheel design/finish/sizes you'd like and we'll get back to you with a price quote

to include tire pressure sensors and shipping.

For More Information or to place an order for wheels,

Email Jerry at info@ForMyTesla.com or call: 224 676 1484.

Wheel diameter options include:

19, 20, 21 and 22 inch fitments for most wheel designs.

I am not a fan of 21 inch wheels because the tires are very expensive.

Wheel diameters greater than 20 inch are more susceptible to damage from road hazards like pot holes,

are heavy, can effect ride quality, are generally noisy and require more energy to start and stop than

19 and 20 inch wheels.

We can also arrange to have your wheels powder coated or chromed.

Call or email and tell us which wheel design, finish and size(s) you are

looking for. If you have a wheel in mind, not shown on this site, email

a picture, sizes required and brand name if available and we will search for that well and offer

you a fair price.

For answers to your questions...

Just email Jerry at info@ForMyTesla.com or call 224 676 1484

Note: About that 2mm screw...
In the manufacturing process, there is a small screw used to hold the position of the rotor on the car until it can be secured. Because of that screw, then there must be a cut out in the wheel's back pad to clear this screw head. If there is no cut out made into the wheel pad, the wheel will not fit flush. All wheels sold through ForMyTesla are guaranteed to fit flush.
tesla-screw tesla-screw-on-face-of-hub
To order call Jerry at 888 563 7227
8:30am to 8:30pm Central Time Monday-Saturday

Payment options:
Visa, MasterCard, American Express
Discover or PayPal

Credit Card Receipt will read "MyRoadster.net"