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Wheel Name: PETROL P2A

Product Description

This Wheel and Winter Tire package arrives to you, ready to bolt on.

Winter Tires are mounted onto wheels and balanced.

Package includes:

(4) 18X8 Petrol P2A 5 Spoke Wheels.  Choose either Silver with Machined Cut Face or Matte Black finish.

(4) Tire Pressure Sensors

(20) Lug Nuts

(4) 235x45x18 Continental VikingContact 7 Winter Tires mounted and balanced.

$1,995 with Free Shipping to continental 48 state destinations.



Petrol’s new P2A wheels are a pure timeless style of a symmetrically light five spoke with a center treatment of an echoed five sided cut where the lugs sit. This expertly proportioned design sets it apart from your typical custom five spoked wheel. Its simplicity adapts to complement virtually any style. Less is more with this wheel, and its purity draws attention to this custom wheel with its agile look of a cast monoblock. We’ve chosen two finishes for these custom wheels that emphasize the design’s style: silver with a machine cut face and matte black. Each is exceptionally durable, for long-lasting good looks. Like all Petrol wheels, the P2A wheels are engineered to carry heavy loads encountered highway driving. The wheels are hub centric for a velvety smooth ride and they accommodate redeployment of OE tire pressure monitoring systems, lugs and Petrol logo center caps. And they are designed to accommodate a wide range of brake rotors common to most modern vehicles.

P2A Silver with Machine Cut Face Video:

P2A Matte Black Video:


“The VikingContact 6 was the defending two-time studless champion, so it’s no surprise that the new 7th generation wins again.

It’s the best on ice, the best on snow, and very good on wet and dry asphalt.”

2018’s Best: The Latest and Greatest Winter Tires Tested by the NAF

The VikingContact 7 is Continental’s Studless Ice & Snow winter tire developed for drivers looking for enhanced winter confidence through advanced technology. Designed to deliver excellent traction in wintertime slush, snow and ice plus reliable wet performance and secure dry-road handling, the VikingContact 7 is optimized for a variety of winter weather.

The specialized Nordic compound of the VikingContact 7 utilizes canola oil to remain flexible and adapt to snowy or icy conditions, and active grip silica enhances wet performance and braking. The compound is molded into an intelligent pattern with a groove network designed to create a direct path to evacuate water and slush from beneath the contact patch. The optimized void ratio ensures there is always a high volume of rubber on the road for confident tracking and high-speed control. Solid linkages and special interlocked block bridges stabilize the tread pattern while also keeping grooves open for water and slush drainage. The VikingContact 7’s 3D sipes feature varying thicknesses. While all the sipes create biting edges for grip in slippery conditions, the wider sipes form snow pockets that collect snow from the surface and hold it in the pattern, creating snow-to-snow traction for improved performance. Grip Edges on the outside of the tread blocks grab into snow and effectively increase the contact area of the tire, further enhancing traction on snow- and ice-covered roads.

Wheels + Winter Tires Package Price: $1,995.00 with free shipping to the continental 48 states. Ready to Bolt on.

Choose Silver or Matte Black