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“Travel Sleeper” Self-Inflating Open Cell Foam Mattress for Model X


“Travel Sleeper” from ForMyTesla is a Self-Inflating mattress which is perfect for drivers looking for a  VERY COMFORTABLE mattress that can be stored in the Frunk or Sub-Trunk.

It is a hybrid mattress, made of open cell foam which can inflate automatically without a pump.

It takes about 2 minutes for the 5 inch thick mattress to inflate and 5 minutes to deflate and store in its stuff sack bag.

Travel Sleeper is Mummy shape.

Inflated size: 77x48x5 inches. Sleeps 2

In the bag size: 26 x 15 inches.

Weight:  13lbs.

Color:  Light Grey top and dark grey sides and bottom

Inflation demo video:

Deflating Tip:

Price:  $295 which includes shipping to lower 48 states

Available during October of 2021

You may place your reservation at no cost below:


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