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Self-Inflating 5″ thick Mattress for Model 3 – Early 2021


Early in 2021 will be offering a Self-Inflating Mattress (SIM) which sleeps two, and is perfect for drivers looking for a comfortable mattress that can be stored in a smaller size.  Deflated & rolled up, then put in its storage bag, it will fit into the Frunk or Sub-Trunk of Model Y, X, S and 3.

This ForMyTesla SIM mattress is a hybrid, utilizing both foam and air to create a very comfortable mattress that is 5 inches thick. The SIM mattress inflates by itself without need for a pump.  It takes about 2 minutes for the mattress to inflate.  It conforms to the shape of your trunk, and is perfect to use with “Camp Mode”.

This mattress can also be used for tent sleeping and as a home guest bed.

Inflated size: Sleeps 2

In the bag size: 23.5 x 15 inches.

Weight:  15lbs.

Colors:  Light Grey sleeping surface with Dark Grey sides and bottom.

Top surface: TPU Non-Toxic Silky Smooth, water proof, Thermoplastic Polyurethane suede 50 Denier.

Sides and Bottom: TPU Non-Toxic  Durable 75 Denier

3 Valves total:

1 Valve serves to Self-Inflate the mattress

2 Valves serve to deflate the mattress.

Inflation demo video:

Deflating Tip:

StorageTip:  To maximize the lifespan of your self-inflating mattress, store  inflated, under your home bed for example.

Price:  $250.00 which includes shipping to lower 48 states

Available early 2021

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