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NanoGlassHT Ceramic Coating DIY Detailing Kit #007 Provides High Gloss & 3+ Years Durability


Product Description

Brothers Research is a 40 year old company located in North Carolina that has developed a Ceramic Polymer polish coating called NanoGlass.  Owner of the company has a PHD in chemistry so you can be confident that their products are engineered and tested to work effectively. Products are priced fairly, and are easy to use. NanoGlass has no harmful solvents, and does not smell bad, as many ceramic coatings do. Duragloss products are made in the USA. Most other ceramic products on the market today are not made in the USA.

I personally don’t think it is necessary to pay a professional shop $500-$3,000 to apply a ceramic coating, when you can easily do it yourself, for a fraction of the cost, and obtain a deep gloss “Wet Look” shine to protect your paint for 3+ years with proper maintenance.

Use NanoGlassHT to protect Paint, Pano Roof, Headlights, Tail Lights, Clear Film Wrapped Areas, Wheels and Metal Trim.

NanoGlassHT protects surfaces from Acid Rain, UV rays, Salt and Pollutants.

Resistant to Acid and Alkali wash soaps.

The tremendous molecular bonding of NanoGlassHT provides 3+ years durability,

when properly maintained, washing your car when needed, and using NanoGlass Quick Detailer in between car washes.

Note:  NanoGlassHT will not prevent rock chips.  For that you need a clear film bra.  NanoGlass will not protect against Highly acidic contaminanats such as volcanic ash, Tree Sap and bird droppings that are not removed in a timely manner.

NanoGlassHT is also Great for Marine and Motorcycle use, and Granite counter tops in your house.


First wash and dry your car. If you have road oil along your rocker panels and wheel wells, remove with Tar Remover or charcoal lighter fluid.For the very best results, after washing and drying your car, run your finger tips across your paint. If you can feel (and hear) specs of contamination, use clay bar with lubricant (such as Claybar +  clean soapy water as the lubricant) to remove contaminants such as paint overspray.  You can use a potato peeler to remove contaminants from the face of the claybar.IF you have Deep Scratches, Oxidation, Tree Sap, Road Film, Tar or Water spots, use Duragloss 652 Pre-Cleaner Buffing Compound with an orbital buffer.IF you have swirl marks and fine scratches, remove with Duragloss 671 Swirl Mark Remover using an orbital buffer (Flex brand is a great buffer) or Porter-Cable and polishing pad at medium speed.  If the polishing pad is not sufficient to remove swirls, then use a low cut buffing pad.IF you have Rock chips, call to discuss, or take your car to a pro detailing shop and ask them if they can be fixed.  Next, deep clean your paint using Duragloss Squeaky Clean Surface Prep to remove previously applied wax or polish. (Note:  Do not apply Squeaky Clean on unpainted ABS or rubber bumpers or on textured plastic wheel well fender trim.) To remove any residue left behind after buffing Squeaky Clean and wiping away the residue, wipe your paint down with 70% or greater Isopropyl alcohol to completely remove any residue from using Squeaky Clean Prep.  This will help NanoGlassHT strongly adhere to your car’s clear coat.  After your paint is as clean, smooth and corrected as you can make it, you are ready to apply NanoGlassHT.Or, take your car to a Professional Detail shop to correct your paint issues, then apply NanoGlassHT yourself, or pay the shop to apply it.  If you have a new car, and don’t have swirl marks or scratches,  just prep the paint with “Squeaky Clean”, included in this kit, and apply NanoGlassHT in the shade.


NanoGlassHT is VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) compliant and is safe to use, and very easy to apply, since it has the consistency of water.  On a cool surface, not in direct sunlight, simply spray the highly concentrated NanoGlass onto the cotton side of an applicator pad, then wipe a thin even coat in a multi-directional manner ie clockwise, counter clockwise, back and forth, up and down, onto a 2×2 foot area until dry and the residue has evaporated, which takes about 20 seconds. DO NOT USE A BUFFING MACHINE. After you are finished applying NanoGlassHT onto a section at a time, (like hood, fender, door or trunk) hand buff that section with a microfiber cloth, to insure there are no streaks, before you apply product to the next section.  If you wait longer to hand buff away streaks, they will be harder to remove.

After application of NanoGlassHT, your car can be parked in direct sunlight which will further bond NanoGlassHT to your paint.

A second coat of NanoGlassHT is not necessary but can be applied after 24 hours of first application to provide increased durability.


Maintain your high gloss finish by washing your car when needed with Duragloss 901 PH Neutral shampoo, and by using NanoGlass Quick Detailer #20113 after a car wash and dry, and in between car washes to remove light dust and bird droppings etc. The NanoGlass Quick Detailer cleans AND adds gloss with each use.  Wipe on with one cloth, hand buff with a second cloth.  Works nicely on glass after it has been cleaned with Duragloss BRC 46 Glass Cleaner.

I’ve been asked by car enthusiasts what products I recommend that are easy to use and that provide a “Wet Look” high gloss which lasts for 3 years or more, with proper maintenance.
These are the products I recommend and are included in the “NanoGlassHT Detailing Kit”, priced at $125.00 plus $20 shipping to US lower 48 states:

(1) 901 Shampoo  (16 oz.)
PH Neutral, will not remove durable polish

(1) 1160HT NanoGlass plus Squeaky Clean Kit

Includes:  1 each 4oz. Squeaky Clean Surface Prep and 4oz. NanoGlassHT Ceramic Coating
Use Squeaky Clean to remove old wax and contaminants, then apply NanoGlassHT for a long lasting “Wet Look” finish on your paint. Squeaky Clean can be used on glass to remove contaminants. NanoGlassHT can be used over clear film such as  Xpel, 3M, SunTek Ultra and other brands – works well on Head and Tail Lights, Pano Roof, painted or chrome wheels too.

(1) 20113 NanoGlass Quick Detailer (22oz.)
Use to remove light dirt and bird droppings between car washes.
This Quick Detailer will clean AND add gloss to maintain a high gloss finish. Excellent to use as a protectant on glass, after it has been cleaned with BRC-46 glass cleaner.

(1) BRC-46 Glass Cleaner (19oz. Aerosol)  (Does not contain Ammonia)

Use for streak-free clean glass, and before using 20113 NanoGlass Quick Detailer.

(1) 9002 Plush Microfiber Drying Towel (17×26)

Very Soft and absorbs water extremely well.  Helps prevent swirl marks during drying

Yes, it’s also really good to dry your pet after a bath or rain storm.

(2) 9003 Plush Microfiber Polishing Cloths  (11×17)
Great cloths to apply and remove NanoGlass Quick Detailer and BRC-46 Glass Cleaner.

(Plush Microfiber compostion:  500g/sm, 75% polyester, 25% polyamide)

Products worth adding to your Detail kit if you need them:  

Add in the Notes Section of the order form. 

Clay Bar:  $15.00

#671 Swirl Mark Remover, use with a buffer: $8.50

#652 Surface Prep if you have scratches, remove with low cut pad and buffer: $8.25

#441 Leather Shampoo, 8oz: $8.00

#265 High Gloss Tire Dressing that doesn’t spin off:  $8.00

Shipping cost for the kit is $20.00 to lower 48 States

Questions or comments contact:  Jerry at 224 676 1484 or Email:


Go to You Tube to see videos on how to use claybar and remove swirl marks:

Swirl Removal  If you have light swirl marks use Duragloss 671 Swirl Mark Remover with a buffer.   However If you have moderate to severe swirl marks, scratches and water spots, take your car to a professional detailing shop to correct your paint or watch these DIY Swirl Mark removal Videos on YouTube:


(Note when using Claybar or Squeaky clean on Clear film Bra body armor and plastic rocker panels, avoid contact with the very edge of the plastic, since residue can be difficult to remove from the edges. You can use blue painters tape over such edges to avoid contact. Remove road oil with Charcoal Lighter fluid, but do not use Lighter Fluid on clear film body armor)

(Tips: to remove excess rinse water after washing your car, remove nozzle from your hose and rinse car starting at the top, with natural low flow of water, ie no extra pressure. Gravity pulls the excess water off the car. or take your car for a quick spin, then finish with a #9002 Plush Drying Towel. I also suggest carrying #20113 Nano Detailer and a plush polishing cloth in your car to clean away those unexpected bird droppings etc.)