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MAXpider Handy Trunk for Model S, X, Dual Motor 3 – any car or truck Out of Stock


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Product Description

MAXpider “Handy Trunk” is a great way to store and transfer items,

and fits nicely into your Tesla’s Frunk or Rear Cargo Well – totally out of sight of thieves.

“Handy Trunk” is Waterproof, Washable, Easy to Clean, and Unzips to fold flat.

Stored items can not be seen when Handy Trunk’s top is closed.


Uses for “Handy Trunk”:


Storage for Cables,  Charging Adapters, ChaDeMo, Tools, Flashlight, First Aid Kit, Tools, Emergency indicator lights, blanket,

Car Care Products like a Quick Detailer, LCD screen cleaner, Microfiber cloths.

Bring Grocery Bags Home without spills.

Hide your laptop inside “Handy Trunk” to keep it out of sight and far less likely to be stolen.

Overnight Travel, clothes, shoes, cosmetics.

Boating and Camping Supplies.

Beach or Pool Food Drinks, Towels, & Sun Screen.

Picnics – Food and Drinks, Frisbee, Soccer or Volley ball, Football, Baseballs and Gloves, Tennis Balls.

Tailgating Events, Food and Drinks.

Example of how “Handy Trunk” can be used: 

Let’s say you’re planning a picnic – take “Handy Trunk” out of your trunk’s cargo well 

and bring it to your kitchen.  There you load it up with sandwiches, Dip & chips, Apple Pie, paper plates,

plastic glasses, cups, forks and napkins.  Add some cold packs, zip the fold over Lid shut and

put it back into your Tesla’s cargo well.  Once at the picnic site, carry “Handy Trunk”

to your table for everyone to enjoy what’s inside.  


Material : PVC+XPE
Size : L70xW30xH32cm
27.5 x 12 x 12.5 inches

Weight 2 lbs, 9 oz.


Handy Trunk fits well in dual motor Model 3 cargo well, but does not fit in cargo well of Tesla Model 3 RWD.

Will fit in Frunk of 3, X and S.