Lowering Springs for Model 3 Rear Wheel Drive


Why lower your Model 3?

1.  Improved Appearance due to reduced gap space between tires and fenders. .
2.  Improved Performance – Corner Faster, Stop Quicker.
Less body roll, Less Dive when braking, Less squat during acceleration,
and your Model 3 will feel more solid and secure at all times.

Best Quality:  

These street performance springs are manufactured
by the best Spring manufacturer in the world.
(Manufacturer is Certified by TUV SUD,
and has Implemented a Quality Management System in accordance with ISO 9001:2015 )

Ride Quality:

Due to their progressive spring design, ride quality is not sacrificed
with moderate lowering.

Best drop for street use:

The 1.2 inch drop does not require that other suspension
parts be changed. The moderate 1.2 inch lowering is less
aggressive and less susceptible to clearance damage from speed bumps.
Lowering more than 1.2 inches is appropriate for racing purposes.

Professional installation Recommended.

Price: $345.00
Free Shipping to Continental USA.
Kit includes 4 Springs for Tesla Model 3 Rear Wheel Drive.