Aluminum Footrest Dead Pedal for Model X


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This Aluminum footrest dead pedal will keep your foot well area looking bright and clean.

Prevents a “dirty carpet look”, and keeps carpet from wearing out too soon in your footrest area.
This dead pedal supports your driving position during aggressive driving.

Deep grooves are cut into the 5mm thick aluminum plate which complements the design

of the Tesla performance pedals…which you can now buy directly from Tesla if you don’t have them:

The aluminum footrest pedal also complements the look of custom carpets,

also available through  Call Jerry at:  224 676 1484 or email to:

Easy to install.  Clean carpet where pedal will be installed.

Use a soft brush to loosen dirt and debris from the carpet – then Use a vacuum and some 2 or 3 inch wide tape to pull off debris from the carpet fibers.   If necessary. use a little water to clean the carpet.  Carpet must be clean and dry for a good bond with the tape on the back side of the footrest pedal.

After carpet is dry, determine location, and mark position with masking tape.

Then, peel off protective film from pre-positioned high bond, fiberglass reinforced,

moisture resistant carpet tape and press into place.  No drilling or carpet removal required.