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This stainless steel footrest dead pedal provides a rich look and brightens up your

foot well area. This pedal also helps to secure ones driving position during aggressive driving.
The dead pedal is a cover which easily and securely attaches to your

factory plastic footrest cover (or attaches directly to carpet on more recent Model S),
with pre-positioned high bond tape.  No drilling required.

The footrest pedal “black line inserts” are made from a non-slip material.

(Current dead pedal is improved from previous versions)


Note:  Does not fit 2020 Model S

To install:

For earlier model years, clean factory vinyl dead pedal with alcohol, test fit, peel off film backing from tape, and press into position.

Later model years, without the vinyl footrest pad, clean carpet by blotting with tape, and cleaning with water and a soft brush.  Dry area with hair dryer, test fit, peel off backing tape and press into position directly onto the carpet. Note: Do not install dead pedal on top of all weather plastic mat.

If you are wanting to buy the aluminum brake and accelerator pedals, you can buy those
directly from Tesla:

Dead Pedal for Model X is also available here:


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