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The aluminum door sill inserts on your Model X can be easily scratched.
Keep your sill plates looking new by covering them with protective clear film,

which has self-healing properties.  Minor scuffs and scratches will disappear when sunlight

or heat from a hair dryer are applied.

Protect your aluminum door sill inserts with this DIY kit. Kit includes:
(4) Pieces High quality Xpel clear film pre-cut to fit front and rear door sills.
(1) 4 oz Spray bottle with solution, distilled water and soap, used to wet the film, allowing for re-positioning.
(1) Squeegee used to remove slip solution while applying the film.

General instructions:
1. Clean factory sills 3 times to remove any debris
2. Wet your finger tips to avoid imprinting
3. Wet both sides of the film
4. Place into position, and squeegee off excess slip solution

Hair dryer can be used to remove or re-position film once moisture has dried.

Note:  Film is cut slightly smaller than metal sills so film edges will not detach.Indicate in Notes section of order form whether you have 2.5″ rear door sill width (After December 2017) or 5″ rear door sill width (Before December 2017)


Installation video:

Optionally, take these pre-cut pieces to a shop that does clear film installation such as a window tinting or car detailing shop.

3M Film Installers:
or here:

Xpel Film Installers:

SunTek Film Installers:

(Clear Film Kit also available for Model S)

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