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Cargo Net: 6/7 Seat Model X (In Stock)



Net un-stretched is 36×25 inches.




Product Description

This elastic, stretchable, double layer “Envelope” style cargo net fits 6 & 7 passenger Model X. Items are stowed inside the net so that smaller items can not escape, which can happen with a cheaper single layer nets that only stretch over the top of cargo.  Without a cargo net, unsecured items can migrate into the 6 seat passenger area, and scratch glossy seat backs of 6/7 passenger Model X.

Securing items inside this net will prevent that from happening.

Fragile cargo is far less likely to be damaged when secured by a floor net. (such as glass, or pottery for example)

Each corner of the net is secured by a strong metal (not plastic) carabiner which makes it easy to install and remove the cargo net.

Cargo Net for 5 seat Model X now in stock, priced at $60 + shipping.

From securing boxes, grocery sacks, ice chest, luggage to sports equipment, this cargo net will be a very useful accessory for your Model X.

Cargo Net Pics