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Avant Garde 19″ Mesh Rotary Forged Wheels for Model Y


Strong – Good Looking

Lighter than larger diameter or Cast Aluminum Wheels

The Avant Garde Rotary Forging process impacts the micro-structure of aluminum by utilizing three hydraulic rollers to apply pressure to form the inner rim area after the wheel has been casted. The rollers move down the barrel, applying pressures to stretch, compress, and form the entire wheel barrel, ultimately increasing the tensile strength and elongation properties.

The end product is a lighter, stronger wheel that has an increased load capacity and shock resistance over the traditional cast aluminum wheel, and provides up to a 25% weight reduction compared to a traditional cast wheel. The M610 weight for 19×8.5 is 23 lbs per wheel

Size:  19×8.5

PCD:  5×114.3

Offset:  +30

Weight:  23lbs/Wheel


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