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#9002 One 17×26 Plush Microfiber Drying Towel


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Product Description

Plush microfiber from ForMyTesla is not commonly found in big box stores.

Chances are these towels are the thickest, softest and most effective towels you have ever used.

500g/sm, 75% polyester, 25% polyamide

Did you ever wonder where swirl marks come from?
– often they are caused while drying your car, as residual dirt is being moved around your paint making circular scratches.

Plush microfiber pulls any residual dirt away from your paint to help prevent swirl marks.

The ability to dry is better than a chamois by far…
Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back.

The large soft drying towel (17×26) works extremely well to dry your Tesla, (or your dog after a rain storm)

The smaller size (11×17) is perfect to remove waxes and polishes
and is excellent when used with quick detailing products
like Duragloss #921 Fast Clean and shine to remove light dust in between car washes.Composition of our Plush Microfiber is:  500g/sm, 75% polyester, 25% polyamide