“Docking Station” Tent Connects to Your Model Y
    “Docking Station” Tent Connects to Your Model Y
    DOCKING STATION 2 Room Tent   with "Lobby" & Hands-Free Magnetic Walk-through Door (DS-2 ETA October 2021)[spacer height="15px" id="2"] 

    This Docking Station Tent was specifically designed to Fit Tesla Model Y.  This 2 room Tent is perfect for long Road Trips and camping adventures.  "Dock" your Tesla in "Camp Mode" with this spacious 9.8 x 9.8 x 7 foot tent; which quickly transforms your Tesla into a comfortable home away from home.  "Pop-up" design makes setting up this tent easy, and in  less time.  Simply attach the universal vehicle elastic banded sleeve to your Tesla and enjoy all the extra space.   A Rainfly/Heat Shield provides a sun screen cover over your Tesla's roof to reduce heat from the sun and provides extra protection against rain water leaking into the tent where the connecting sleeve is attached to the car.  Roll it up so you can enjoy star lit skies.  A 6x10 foot awning is also included so you and friends can sit outdoors on 2 sides of the tent [spacer height="15px" id="2"]The tent can be easily detached from your Tesla, so you can take side trips, then re-dock to the tent upon your return to base camp. [spacer height="15px" id="2"]

    Docking Station tent is perfect for trips where you are traveling with sports & camping gear, The 2nd room Lobby is a place to put gear when not in use.  The magnetic door provides  hands-free entrance and exit.  No zipping and the magnetic screens close behind you to help keep bugs out.  You may even be able to train your dog to use the magnetic door.  The Lobby room provides a place to remove your shoes before entering the main tent.[spacer height="15px" id="2"]Maybe you are meeting friends and family and want to camp together - Docking Station provides the space to do just that.  Sleep 2 in your Tesla and 4 in the tent. [spacer height="15px" id="2"]

    • Main Sleeping Area: 9.8 x 9.8 x 7 feet tall, Sleep 4 or 5 in the tent, and 2 in your Tesla.
    • 2nd Room Lobby: 9x5 feet, Incudes a magnetic door for hands free Entrance and Exit.    Use the Lobby to store gear when not in use, and as a place to remove muddy shoes.
    • Attachment Sleeve:  With elastic cord connects tent to your Tesla.  Straps hold the sleeve in place.
    • Rainfly/Heat Shield:  Sewn to the sleeve, is a Rainfly/Heat Shield fabric extension, that when stretched over your roof, serves to help keep rain and sun out of your car and tent.  The translucent extension allows daylight  inside your Tesla.   Starlit sky?  Just pull back the fabric and enjoy the view through your glass roof.
    • Waterproof Floors in both sleeping area and Lobby rooms  are made of Rip Resistant 300 Denier Oxford, with sealed seams.
    • Walls and Roof: 150 Denier Ripstop Oxford fabric, Waterproof, sealed seams.
    • Magnetic Door in lobby provides hands-free entrance into, and exit from the tent. Closes behind you to keep bugs out.
    • Awning:  6x10 and can be moved to any side of the tent.  2 poles and guy ropes included.
    • 5 Foot Clothes Line in Lobby storage area to dry clothes.
    • Power Cord Opening in tent allows you to charge your Tesla from inside the tent
    • Metal Frame is Black powder coated Stainless Steel
    • Storage in main tent: 2 side wall pockets, 1 roof gear loft.
    • Hooks for Lights:  in Ceiling of main tent and in Lobby to suspend lights.
    • Semi-Automatic pop up design for easy set up and take down.
    • 1 Window:  Screen with zippered fabric cover
    • 1 Window:  Primarily used to attach the connecting sleeve to the Tesla, Model 3, S or Y.
    • 2 Zippered Doors with screens and covers.
    • Upgraded V shape metal ground stakes.
    • Primary Colors, Light Grey with Black Support Pipes and Blue/Violet  Accents. TBD
    • Moon and Stars DOCKING STATION graphic located under the window
    • Carry bag, with carry straps across the length and on the ends. Shipping box: 60x10x10, 41 lbs.
    • 3 Season use.
    Extra cost options: LED, rechargeable light for main tent Ceiling or Lobby Wall, with carry case $35.00 Ground Tarp to help prevent punctures in floor and act as a moisture barrier.  $25.00   [kad_youtube url="https://youtu.be/lcalbb3qNaE" width=350 height=200] [kad_youtube url="https://youtu.be/p0bcRazLGG0" width=350 height=200] [kad_youtube url="https://youtu.be/q7wN4x7QI4Y" width=350 height=200] [kad_youtube url="https://youtu.be/mwS5XWlXDh8" width=350 height=200]   Expected Price $425 + $50 estimated shipping to lower 48[spacer height="15px" id="2"]

    Note: the Docking Station tent can be connected to most SUVs CUVs and Minivans where the height from the roof to the ground is no more than 80 inches. For Internal combustion vehicles the engine MUST be turned off when the sleeve is connected to the car, and, exhaust pipes must be located outside the sleeve so toxic emissions do not enter the tent. [spacer height="15px" id="2"]

    Videos on this page will give you a general idea of the Docking Station.

    Further modifications are still in progress. Comments and suggestions welcome as we develop this one of a kind tent.[spacer height="15px" id="2"]

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    “Travel Sleeper”, Self-Inflating 5″ thick Open Cell Foam Mattress Available by December of 2021
    “Travel Sleeper”, Self-Inflating 5″ thick Open Cell Foam Mattress Available by December of 2021
    By December of 2021, ForMyTesla.com will be offering a Self-Inflating Foam Mattress for car camping. The "Travel Sleeper" is designed specifically to fit the shape of Model Y's trunk, sleeps two, and is perfect for drivers looking for a very comfortable and portable mattress. When deflated & rolled up, it will fit into the Frunk or Sub-Trunk of Model Y.[spacer height="15px" id="2"] The "Travel Sleeper" SIM mattress is a hybrid, utilizing both open cell foam and air to create a very comfortable, firmness adjustable, mattress that is 5 inches thick. The Travel Sleeper inflates by itself without need for an electric pump. If desired, extra air can be added to increase firmness, using an included air sack pump.  It takes about 10 minutes for the mattress to self inflate, and 10 minutes to deflate, roll up and store in its carry bag.  4 valves are used to inflate and deflate this mattress.  To deflate this mattress, open the 4 valves then lay on the mattress to force air out.  Fold and roll up the mattress to complete the deflation process.  When the valves are set to Deflate, Air forced out can not come back in.[spacer height="15px" id="2"] This mattress can  be used in-car, in-tent and as a home guest bed.[spacer height="15px" id="2"] Inflated size: 77" long, 48" wide at the shoulders, and 5" thick.  Sleeps 2 ( Mummy shape, as pictured) 4 valves for inflation and deflation Travel Sleeper rolled up inside the stuffsack bag: 24x14x15 inches. Weight:  12lbs. Colors:  Light Grey for top and sides, with Dark Gray bottom.  (Not tan color shown) Top and Sides Fabric: 30D polyester elastic, TPU Non-Toxic Silky Smooth, and water proof. Bottom Fabric: 75D Polyester, TPU Inflation Bag included for those who want to add air for extra firmness to this mattress. Carry Bag (Stuffsack) with shoulder strap for storage and portability.[spacer height="15px" id="2"] Inflation demo video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gMZOhrad6cg[spacer height="15px" id="2"] Deflating Tip: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j8mT7ZNoP8E [spacer height="15px" id="2"]StorageTip:  To maximize the lifespan of your self-inflating mattress, store inflated, under your home bed for example)[spacer height="15px" id="2"] Price:  $295.00 includes shipping to the lower 48 states.  Email Jerry for shipping costs to Alaska, Hawaii, and international destinations:  info@ForMyTesla.com Available by December of 2021[spacer height="15px" id="2"] Reserve your Self-inflating Foam Mattress below  (No fee for the reservation)
    $295.00 295.00 Add to cart
    Avant Garde 19″ Mesh Rotary Forged Wheels for Model Y
    Avant Garde 19″ Mesh Rotary Forged Wheels for Model Y
    Strong - Good Looking Lighter than larger diameter or Cast Aluminum Wheels The Avant Garde Rotary Forging process impacts the micro-structure of aluminum by utilizing three hydraulic rollers to apply pressure to form the inner rim area after the wheel has been casted. The rollers move down the barrel, applying pressures to stretch, compress, and form the entire wheel barrel, ultimately increasing the tensile strength and elongation properties.[spacer height="15px" id="2"] The end product is a lighter, stronger wheel that has an increased load capacity and shock resistance over the traditional cast aluminum wheel, and provides up to a 25% weight reduction compared to a traditional cast wheel. The M610 weight for 19x8.5 is 23 lbs per wheel[spacer height="15px" id="2"] Size:  19x8.5 PCD:  5x114.3 Offset:  +30 Weight:  23lbs/Wheel[spacer height="15px" id="2"]  
    $1,920.00 Select options
    Custom floor mats for Tesla Model Y
    Custom floor mats for Tesla Model Y
    German Velour Carpet Driver's Side Heel Pad Vinyl Binding Border around mats, several colors to choose from Non-slip rubber spiked backing, except from Frunk and Trunk mats. Custom embroidered graphics in one or more colors. Any graphic that can be digitized can be embroidered on floor mats for Model Y. Your business logo, Initials, Family names etc. Call Jerry to discuss options at 224 676 1484 Pricing is based on the number of mat locations and the number of graphics to be embroidered. Plus shipping
    Read more
    Lloyd Plush Ultimat Floor Mats for Tesla Model Y
    Lloyd Plush Ultimat Floor Mats for Tesla Model Y
    Email us at info@ForMyTesla.com for shipping costs outside the USA.    
    $80.00$468.00 Select options
    MAXpider All-Weather Custom Fit Floor Liners for Model Y
    MAXpider All-Weather Custom Fit Floor Liners for Model Y

    Note:  Due to high demand exceeding supply, and supply chain congestion, some shipping delays of your order may occur.  Usual wait time for Back Ordered Liners is 30-45 days. Sometimes longer wait times for trunk liners.  Orders will be held until your entire order can be shipped. 

    ETA for nearly all MAXpider liners is Mid October.

    However, It is a good idea to order now, to get your order in queue, as back orders will be shipped first as inventory becomes available.  [spacer height="15px" id="2"]

    Great looking!

    MAXpider floor liners provide an attractive style not found in other all-weather mats and liners.  MAXpider liners enhance the look of your Model Y's interior, while at the same time, provide peace of mind knowing that when spills happen, and dirt, snow, water and salt are tracked onto your Model Y's floor - no damage is done.[spacer height="15px" id="2"]

    Unlike traditional floor liners that have an industrial hard plastic look; 3D MAXpider textured all-weather floor liners have a "carpet-like" appearance and are pleasing to the eye.  Because of the textured finish, your feet rest on an anti-slip surface – not slick like other floor liners, which is especially advantageous when your shoes are wet.  [spacer height="15px" id="2"]

    See what MAXpider floor liners look like installed in Model Y

    in this well done video by Bearded Tesla Guy:


    10 Must Have Accessories for Model Y:


    [spacer height="15px" id="2"]Exact Fit - Protects Flooring - Easy to Clean.

    MAXpider three dimensional floor liners fit the contours of your model Y exactly for a professional-looking fit. Edges are raised to provide maximum coverage and protection for your Model Y. Spills are trapped and can be easily rinsed off with water. Since MAXpider liners are not heavy they are easier to remove for cleaning than other brands of floor liners.[spacer height="15px" id="2"]

    3 Layer Purposeful Construction:

    Top layer is made from Thermoplastic textured waterproof Rubber. Middle XPE layer reduces foot fatigue & provides a barrier to road noise. Bottom layer material is slip resistant to keep liners in place without sliding around.  (No Grommets or Hooks needed for Driver's Side Liner.)[spacer height="15px" id="2"]

    MAXpider Floor Liners are non-toxic and odorless.[spacer height="15px" id="2"]


    "Received the MAXpiders this morning.  They fit like a glove, are simple and modern with a quiet elegance...a very sleek, luxurious suede look to them and are super lightweight.  No other car floor mats can even come close.  By comparison, WeatherTech liners look harsh, industrial and don't hold their shape over time. and just aren't compatible with the Tesla look."  — Matt B[spacer height="15px" id="2"]

    Excellent Video Review of MAXpider Liners for Model 3: [kad_youtube url="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0G3FjpADXJk&feature=youtu.be" width=300 height=165 ]

    [spacer height="15px" id="2"]

    Color: Black [spacer height="15px" id="2"]Prices include FREE SHIPPING to Continental USA via FedEx from California[spacer height="15px" id="2"]

    Use pull down menu below to order. 

    Back Orders in queue will be filled on a first in, first out basis, as inventory becomes available. 


    MAXpider will ship now hold orders until the complete order can be shipped at the same time. 


    Use pull down menu below to order.  or call Jerry at 224 676 1484

    Back Orders in queue will be filled on a first in, first out basis, as inventory becomes available.


    Shipping to Canada, Hawaii, Alaska

    $75.00 will be added to the above prices for Shipments to Canada, Hawaii and Alaska


    Illinois Sales Tax

    10% sales tax will be added to the above prices to customers in Illinois.


    Shipping outside the USA

    Email for a price quotation:  info@ForMyTesla.com

    The shipping charge to Europe does not include VAT or import duty.

    Delivery times may be longer should customs hold parcels.

    For RHD MAXpider send email to info@ForMyTesla.com to inquire.

    If you have a Discount Coupon Code, enter it on the "View Cart" page[spacer height="15px" id="2"]


    MAXpider floor liners for the 7 Seat, 3rd row are available.

    Note:  FRUNK + Front + Rear Seats for 5 seat Model Y also fit the 7 Seat Model Y


    Will you be tracking sand, snow, salt, dirt, & mud into your Y?

    If so, THEN, WHILE YOUR LINERS ARE BRAND NEW, add a protective coating.  This will make your liners easier to clean and less likely to stain.    I recommend product 271 from Duragloss.  Apply a thin coat of 271 so the liners are not too slippery.   Order directly from Duragloss here:

    https://www.duragloss.com/product/8-oz-duragloss-rbd-rubber-flat-black-dressing/[spacer height="15px" id="2"]


    $69.00$517.29 Select options
    NorthRIDGE All Weather Floor Mats for Model Y
    NorthRIDGE All Weather Floor Mats for Model Y
    Now available, Lloyd "NorthRIDGE" All Weather Mats.[spacer height="15px" id="2"] NorthRIDGE custom fit automobile floor mats are designed to keep every floor and cargo surface clean, in every possible climate and weather condition. Hundreds of compartments contain spills, snow, mud, sand and debris, while the intricate weave pattern distributes captured moisture to a network of "control zones".[spacer height="15px" id="2"] Unlike trays and liners that allow moisture to flow across the entire mat area, the NorthRIDGE pattern disperses moisture and debris to adjacent confinement sectors.[spacer height="15px" id="2"] The specially formulated, synthetic rubber stays flexible in freezing temperatures and properly firm in warm conditions.  Compared to tray style mats, NorthRIDGE mats are flexible which makes access to your cargo well much easier.[spacer height="15px" id="2"] NorthRIDGE mats use the same computer-designed, precise fit patterns as Lloyd's custom fit carpet mats.  No trimming is necessary, as is the case for generic mats designed to fit multiple vehicles.[spacer height="15px" id="2"] Choose from seven popular complementary colors.[spacer height="15px" id="2"] All Lloyd mats include fasteners to hold mats in place for safe operation of your Tesla. (see pics of fasteners in Product Gallery)  For Tesla installation, fastener anchors screw into your factory carpeting (not into your mats). For All Weather mats holes are cut into the mats at the factory. Anchoring posts extend through the holes to secure mats into position.[spacer height="15px" id="2"] Lloyd NorthRIDGE mats are made in California.  Allow 7-10 days for delivery.[spacer height="15px" id="2"]
    $65.00$359.50 Select options
    Ohm Proton 19×8.5 Rotary Forged 15 Spoke Wheel for Y
    Ohm Proton 19×8.5 Rotary Forged 15 Spoke Wheel for Y
    Strong - Good Looking -  Lighter than Cast or larger diameter wheels Ohm Proton wheels are Rotary Forged for strength and engineered specifically for Tesla fitments.[spacer height="15px" id="2"] Ohm Proton is hub-centric for a bolt on fitment without the need for hub rings or spacers.[spacer height="15px" id="2"]Ohm Wheels are compatible with Tesla factory wheel center caps and Tire Pressure Monitors.[spacer height="15px" id="2"]
    The Proton Rotary Forged® Wheel is manufactured using a highly advanced production technique called Rotary Forging. The rim of each wheel is forged at high pressure while the wheel is spun at high speed. This alters the molecular structure and enhances the strength of the alloy. The benefit is a much lighter weight than a regular cast wheel. Most importantly, the weight saving is at the outer rim of the wheel which dramatically reduces rotational mass and enhances vehicle performance.[spacer height="15px" id="2"] Video About Rotary Forged Wheels: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_XSkWn1V8Vk&feature=emb_logo [spacer height="15px" id="2"]360 degree view Gloss Black:
    https://www.ohmwheels.com/tesla-wheels-rims-lightning/ 360 degree view Silver with Mirror Finish Face: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2wKEZ06aoRs&feature=emb_logo Ohm Proton is offered in Gloss Black or Silver with Mirror finish face. 19x8.5 Weight: 25lbs PCD:  5-114.3 Offset +30 Center Bore:  64.1
    Priced: in Gloss Black at $351.25/wheel + $120 shipping to continental 48 states[spacer height="15px" id="2"] in Silver with Mirror Finish Face $376.25/wheel + $120 shipping  
    $1,525.00$1,625.00 Select options
    Travel Cooler For Model Y
    Travel Cooler For Model Y
    AC/DC 21qt. (20L) Portable Cooler with Dual Temperature Controls. Cools and Freezes at the same time.  Use in-home or on the go... Monitor and Set Temps remotely with Bluetooth Smart Phone app[spacer height="15px" id="2"] Free Shipping to continental US.  Email info@ForMyTesla.com for shipping costs to AK, HI, PR and countries outside the US. [spacer height="15px" id="2"]
    $69.00$449.00 Select options
    Use Portable & Comfortable Travel Sleeper in Model Y with Tesla’s “Camp Mode” or as a Home Guest Bed
    Use Portable & Comfortable Travel Sleeper in Model Y with Tesla’s “Camp Mode” or as a Home Guest Bed

    Note:  6" Travel Sleeper Mattress is in stock. [spacer height="15px" id="2"]

    Enjoy ForMyTesla's "Travel Sleeper" mattress with "Camp Mode" in your Tesla or any SUV with 75" or 78" of flat trunk depth.  Many drivers are discovering the fun and adventure of "in car sleeping", and using RV and State Parks as destinations to re-charge, refresh and sleep. Far less expensive than staying at a hotel.  For long road trips, having "Travel Sleeper" to take a nap at SuperCharger locations would be very relaxing.[spacer height="15px" id="2"]Mattress fits, S, 3, Y and X where seats fold flat.  Here are 2 reviews of the Travel Sleeper Mattress from i1Tesla, and Bearded Tesla Guy:



    [spacer height="15px" id="2"]Travel Sleeper is far less expensive than some companies that offer a less comfortable 2 inch thin European mattress for $750-$900 or more.[spacer height="15px" id="2"] Travel Sleeper is the ideal solution for temporary sleeping accommodations at home, to give a guest a comfortable bed to get a good night's sleep. Use in dorm rooms and tent camping as well. Makes a comfortable surface for kids to play.[spacer height="15px" id="2"]This 4 or 6 inch thick Travel Sleeper is Firm yet VERY comfortable - especially compared to an air mattress or a thin 2 inch mattress.[spacer height="15px" id="2"] The 6" thick Travel Sleeper mattress is constructed of Superior Quality 1.5" luxurious memory foam over a 4.5" high density foam base. The 4" thick Travel Sleeper is made of high density foam.  This mattress will not lose its shape, is firm, yet very comfortable.  Travel Sleeper is ventilated which provides air flow to help regulate sleep temperature for maximum comfort.[spacer height="15px" id="2"]The 6" Travel Sleeper can be moved into a "Lounge Chair" sitting position by placing the front section of the mattress against the front seat backs at a 45 degree angle.  In the seated position you can do work on your laptop, have face time, or view Netflix.  It's more comfortable to be watching in a seated position than lying down.[spacer height="15px" id="2"]When not in use, this PORTABLE mattress folds neatly away in seconds for storage inside the included carry case. The carry case keeps dust, pollen, pet dander, moisture and other airborne pollutants away from your fresh clean mattress. The carry/storage case is made from thick, durable polyester canvas to resist rips and tears. Convenient carry handles are stitched on three sides to make portability a breeze.[spacer height="15px" id="2"]This mattress is OEKO-TEX certified to ensure that it is entirely free from harmful chemicals and safe for human use.[spacer height="15px" id="2"]

    Note:  Before you put the mattress into your Model Y, move your front seats forward.  [spacer height="15px" id="2"]


    When planning a trip, put the mattress in the unfolded "Bed Position", and place luggage and other gear on top of the mattress, in the sub-trunk, Frunk and in the rear seat foot wells.  Upon returning home, fold the mattress and put it into the carry case and store in your garage or walk-in closet.[spacer height="15px" id="2"] If you need to use the rear seats during your trip, just fold the front section of the tri-fold mattress under the 2nd section, to allow room to use the rear seats.[spacer height="15px" id="2"]When sleeping 2 people add pillows on the sides of the mattress to widen the use of the mattress ie a place to put your arms while sleeping.[spacer height="15px" id="2"]Watch videos from this bed inside your Y by using this iPad holder.  Attach it to your liftgate door or roof glass.  See example in the pics gallery.  Available on Amazon:  https://amzn.to/2YLBbgZ [spacer height="15px" id="2"] 4" or 6" Mattresses with Storage/Carry Case Includes:[spacer height="15px" id="2"]

    (3) Mattress covers, one for each of the 3 zippered sections.  Covers are removable and washable. The ultra-soft bamboo covers feature an anti-slip bottom surface.[spacer height="15px" id="2"]

    OPTIONS TO PURCHASE:[spacer height="15px" id="2"]

    (2) Egyptian Cotton sheets and (1) 20"x 30" Standard size pillow case.

    Woven with Long staple cotton fibers for superior quality, durability, and softness.

    Sheet Colors:  Black, Burgundy, Light Grey, Navy, Red or White

    3 piece sheet set includes:

    1 fitted Bottom sheet, 1 Top sheet and 1 standard 30x20 size pillowcase (no Pillow)[spacer height="15px" id="2"]

    Note: The Tesla T logo is NOT included on the sheets.[spacer height="15px" id="2"]

    Travel Size Pillows with Pillowcases:

    (2)  Small Travel Size Pillows each 14" x 19"

    Down Alternative insert 100% Polyester fill (12oz) with White Cotton shell.

    You will enjoy the soft and sumptuous hypoallergenic alternative to Down.

    (2) White Pillowcases  

    Hypoallergenic, 100% Cotton, Sateen Finish, Ultra soft, Smooth, and Washable.  [spacer height="15px" id="2"]


    84"x 60" Down Alternative Hypoallergenic, all season, Gray Comforter.  Works well for persons who prefer a lighter weight comforter.[spacer height="15px" id="2"]85"x 61" Down Alternative Hypoallergenic, all season, silky smooth material.  Reversible Black-Gray.  Looks beautiful!

    Works well for persons who want to retain their body heat with a medium weight comforter. [spacer height="15px" id="2"]

    Mattresses for Model Y:

    6" thickness, Weight: 26 pounds, Sleeps Two Very Comfortably

    (Shipping Box size 41x13x13, 30lbs)

    4" thickness, Weight: 16 pounds, Firm, Sleeps Two Comfortably

    (Shipping Box size 41x10x10 inches, 20lbs)

    Free Shipping to continental US 48 states.

    Note:  Neither Mattress nor Sheets are made or sold by Tesla Motors.[spacer height="15px" id="2"]

    Return Policy:  The buyer may return this mattress if it is unused, and in new and re-sellable condition.

    The buyer is responsible for return shipping costs which may be expensive due the weight and size of the box.

    Once the plastic wrap is removed from the mattress, it will expand, and that will require a new, larger box for a return to seller.[spacer height="15px" id="2"]

    $45.00$295.00 Select options
    Lloyd Rubbertite All Weather Floor Mats for Tesla Model Y
    Lloyd Rubbertite All Weather Floor Mats for Tesla Model Y
    These Lloyd All Weather mats provide great capacity to hold water, snow, mud, sand and spills with hundreds of wells in each mat. Lloyd's Rubbertite custom fit, all weather mats are perfect for all season use. Exceptionally durable, heavyweight composition rubber stays flexible in sub-freezing temperatures. Lloyd Rubbertite mats provide excellent protection for your original carpet and clean easily with the spray from a hose.[spacer height="15px" id="2"]All Lloyd mats include fasteners to hold mats in place for safe operation of your Tesla.  (see pics of fasteners in Product Gallery)  For Tesla installation, fastener anchors screw into your factory carpeting (not into your mats). For All Weather mats holes are cut into the mats at the factory. Anchoring posts extend through the holes to secure mats into position.[spacer height="15px" id="2"]Lloyd Carpeted mats are also available through ForMyTesla.com[spacer height="15px" id="2"]Lloyd mats are MADE IN THE USA.[spacer height="15px" id="2"] Email us at info@ForMyTesla.com for shipping costs outside the USA.[spacer height="15px" id="2"]    
    $60.00$329.50 Select options
    NanoGlass Ceramic Coating DIY Detailing Kit Provides High Gloss & 3+ Years Durability Model Y
    NanoGlass Ceramic Coating DIY Detailing Kit Provides High Gloss & 3+ Years Durability Model Y

    Brothers Research makers of Duragloss, is a 40 year old company located in North Carolina has developed a “Do It Yourself” Ceramic Coating System called NanoGlass.  President of the company has a PHD in Organic chemistry so you can be … Continued

    $150.00 Add to cart
    Lloyd Ultra Plush Luxe Mats for Model Y
    Lloyd Ultra Plush Luxe Mats for Model Y
    Note:  There is a Premium Vinyl edging available in several colors, and an option for a different thread color, for example Black vinyl border with white stitching.  Call for details:  Jerry at 224 676 1484   Email us at info@ForMyTesla.com for shipping costs outside the USA.    
    $45.00$960.00 Select options