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NanoGlass, is a ceramic polymer sealant. Nanoglass provides a very deep “Wet Look” gloss, excellent UV blocking protection, and a mirror finish that will last two years or more with minimal maintenance.

Use NanoGlass on paint, wheels, head and tail lights, chrome, plastic, pano roofs and glass – any non-porous surface.  Improves the efficiency of windshield wipers.  Wiper blades do not wear out as fast.   For best results clean your paint of contaminants and previously applied wax or polish before applying NanoGlass.

Surface Preparation and Application directions:

1. Claybar After washing and drying, run your fingers across your car’s paint. If you feel (and hear) grainy specs of contamination, remove using clay bar with #20113 Nano Detailer as lubricant.)

Go to You Tube to see videos on how to use claybar such as this one:

2. Swirl Removal NanoGlass will fill light swirl marks. However If you have moderate to severe swirl marks, scratches and water spots, take your car to a professional detailing shop to correct your paint or watch these DIY Swirl Mark removal Videos on YouTube:


3. Use Squeaky Clean to remove road film and previously applied wax. It is a Wipe on wipe off product.

(Note when using Claybar or Squeaky clean on Clear Bra body armor and plastic rocker panels, avoid contact with the very edge of the plastic, since residue can be difficult to remove from the edges. You can use blue painters tape over such edges to avoid contact. Remove road oil with Charcoal Lighter fluid, but do not use Lighter Fluid on clear body armor)

4. Apply NanoGlass Sealant After you have prepared your paint and have a very silky smooth surface, spray a small amount of NanoGlass onto the entire face of the applicator pad. Then on a cool surface, (50-80 degrees Do Not apply in Direct Sunlight) apply a thin even coat of NanoGlass onto 2×2 foot sections at a time, with circular and back and forth motions until product disappears. Residue evaporates – no machine buffing required.. A second coat of NanoGlass can be applied if desired. Wait 12 hours between coats.

5. If you should see streaks after application of NanoGlass remove streaks by wiping Duragloss NanoGlass Quick Detailer #20113 using two #9003 microfiber cloths, one to apply and a second plush microfiber cloth to dry and buff.

6. Maintenance No matter what you use to add gloss to your paint, contaminants will continue to fall out of the air onto your car. So to maintain that high gloss, wash car as needed with Duragloss #901 Car Shampoo. Use #20113 Nano Detailer with plush microfiber to remove light dust between car washes, bird droppings, and finger prints etc. The Quick Detailer will also add gloss.
#20113 works very well to clean 3M Xpel clear plastic.

(Tips: to remove excess rinse water, remove nozzle from your hose and rinse car starting at the top, with natural low flow of water, ie no extra pressure. Gravity pulls the excess water off the car. or take your car for a quick spin, then finish with #9002 Plush Drying Towel. I also suggest carrying #20113 Nano Detailer and a plush polishing cloth in your car to clean away those unexpected bird droppings etc.)