“Travel Sleeper” Self-Inflating 5 inch thick Open Cell Foam Mattress for Model 3 – In Stock
    “Travel Sleeper” Self-Inflating 5 inch thick Open Cell Foam Mattress for Model 3 – In Stock

      ForMyTesla.com is now offering a Self-Inflating Open Cell Foam Mattress (SIM) for Car Camping and Road Trips. [spacer height="15px" id="2"]The "Travel Sleeper SIM Mattress is designed specifically to fit the shape of Model Y's trunk, but can also be used in X, S and 3; sleeps two, and is perfect for drivers looking for a very comfortable and portable mattress.  When deflating for 6 minutes with included Air Pump & rolling up, the SIM will fit into the Frunk or Sub-Trunk of Model Y for convenient storage and transport. However, for many, rolling up the SIM into its smallest dimensions is too difficult.  In that case I suggest deflating the SIM for 6 minutes with the included air pump then with the SIM flat on the floor, roll up and secure with included straps. See Inflation/Deflation Instructions link on this page.  At 44x14 inches the stuff sack takes up very little space in your rear main trunk.  In either roll up procedure you can use your stuff sack bag which includes a pouch to store the air pump.  [spacer height="15px" id="2"]

    Demonstration Video from Bearded Tesla Guy on YouTube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kc6V9Dd9j6o&t=128s Demonstration Video from car camper Bryan Hauer: https://youtu.be/MmX8OyScBZ8 Video clip shows the SIM inside Model Y self-inflating: https://youtu.be/rVA0ajEU3U8

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    The "Travel Sleeper" SIM mattress is a hybrid, utilizing both open cell foam and air to create a very comfortable, "firmness adjustable" mattress that is 5 inches thick. The Travel Sleeper SIM Inflates by itself without need of an electric pump to 85% capacity.  If desired, extra air can be added to increase firmness using the included cordless, rechargeable electric pump.  It takes about 2-3 minutes for the mattress to self inflate to 85% capacity, with no pump, and 4 minutes to deflate with the assistance of the provided portable air pump.  After deflation the SIM can be rolled up for transport storage. [spacer height="15px" id="2"]

    This mattress can  be used in-car, in-tent and as a home guest bed.[spacer height="15px" id="2"]

    Inflation and Deflation Instructions: https://www.formytesla.com/sim-inflation-and-deflation/[spacer height= "15px" id="2"] The Travel Sleeper Self-inflating Mattress (SIM) may fit other Hatchback SUVs, CUVs and Minivans.  See Mattress dimensions here: https://www.formytesla.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/06/SIM-Dimensions-in-inches.jpg [spacer height="15px" id="2"]Privacy Window Covers: (Click on "Go to Site") Window covers for camping privacy:  https://amzn.to/3rGtas9   Windshield cover for camping privacy: https://amzn.to/3JhJwND Sunroof Cover for camping privacy: https://amzn.to/3BtJ3FL [spacer height="15px" id="2"]StorageTip:  To maximize the lifespan of your self-inflating mattress, store inflated, with 4 valves open, under your home bed or on edge in a closet or your garage.  If your mattress is not stored fully inflated, the foam or cells inside it may become crushed, which could slow re-inflation.[spacer height="15px" id="2"] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q-6caU7XlNg&t=123s[spacer height="15px" id="2"] Inflated size: 77" long, 47" wide at the shoulders, 38" at the foot of the mattress, and is 5" thick.  Sleeps 2 ( Mummy shape, see Product Gallery Images under main thumb) 4 valves for inflation and deflation. Travel Sleeper rolled up inside the stuff sack bag: 24x13x13 inches or an easier roll up without folding in half lengthwise 44x14 inside stuff sack. Stuff sack has a pouch to store the air pump. Weight:  12lbs. Colors:  Light Grey for top and sides, with Dark Gray bottom. Top and Sides Fabric: 50D polyester elastic, TPU Non-Toxic Silky Smooth, and water proof. Bottom Fabric: 75D Polyester, TPU Carry Bag (Stuff Sack) has hand carry straps for storage and portability.[spacer height="15px" id="2"]
    Included Portable Cordless Rechargeable Air Pump:  Used to add additional firmness to the mattress if desired, and as an aid to reduce the effort required to deflate the mattress and to shrink its size for storage. Pump dimensions:  6" x 3.25" x 3.6", 1 pound,  Lithium-ion Battery 12V.  Input DC5V,  Output:  2600mAh x 11.1V = 28.86wh, rechargeable, 300-350L/Min air flow, additional nozzles are included for inflation and deflation of pool toys and other inflatables.  Do not use accessory nozzles to inflate or deflate the SIM.  For easiest deflation, run the air pump for 6 minutes. USB-C charging cable included.
    [spacer height="15px" id="2"]Adding air for a very firm mattress and to assist deflation, the included cordless air pump is very useful. [spacer height="15px" id="2"] Infrequent need to re-charge Customer writes: "After 5 cycles of inflation/deflation, the battery indicator hadn’t dropped below 3/4 capacity.  Plenty of juice on a full charge." [spacer height="15px" id="2"] Customer Testimonial: "I've tried several different types of air mattresses that were meant for my Model Y, but all were too thin and very uncomfortable - especially considering my bad back. Thanks to the Bearded Tesla Guy on YouTube, I discovered this Travel Sleeper Mattress. I thought this will be my last attempt to try a new mattress to camp in my Tesla. I couldn't believe that I actually slept on this for 3 nights in a row on my living room floor. It was so comfortable!  At 5" thick the Travel Sleeper mattress from ForMyTesla is a best kept secret, and glad I found it.  It's portable and easy to store. Thank you BTG and ForMyTesla.  I'm a happy camper now.  Sincerely, Beth"[spacer height="15px" id="2"]
    Optional Purchases: Travel Size Pillows with White Pillowcases: (2)  Small Travel Size Pillows each 14″ x 19″ Down Alternative insert 100% Polyester fill (12oz) with White Cotton shell. You will enjoy the soft and sumptuous hypoallergenic alternative to Down. Price:  $60.00 for 2 pillows with Pillow Cases, includes shipping to lower 48.[spacer height="15px" id="2"] Fitted Bamboo Sheets Set:  includes 1 Fitted Bottom Sheet with 2 "Good-Night Dear" side pockets to store such things as glasses, phone, remotes, small flashlight etc, just before going to sleep + 1 Top  Sheet + 2 Pillow Cases.  Bamboo is cooling and moisture-wicking. Bamboo fabric is very breathable. Bamboo Sheets Set Price:  $85.00 which  includes shipping to continental 48 states.  [spacer height="15px" id="2"]
    SIM Price: $325.00 FREE shipping to the lower 48 states. IL residents subject to 10% sales tax[spacer height="15px" id="2"] Email Jerry for shipping costs to Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico, and countries outside the USA:  info@ForMyTesla.com[spacer height="15px" id="2"] In Stock [spacer height="15px" id="2"]
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    MAXpider “Elegant” Carpeted Floor Liners for Model 3
    MAXpider “Elegant” Carpeted Floor Liners for Model 3

    MAXpider “Elegant” carpeted floor liners are rich and luxurious looking which will enhance the beauty and enjoyment of your Model 3. Raised edges and precise laser measuring means that “Elegant” floor liners are far better than a flat mat, and … Continued

    $291.49 Select options
    MAXpider All-Weather Custom Fit Floor Liners for Model 3
    MAXpider All-Weather Custom Fit Floor Liners for Model 3
      Great looking!  MAXpider floor liners provide an attractive style not found in other all-weather mats and liners.  MAXpider liners enhance the look of your Model 3's interior, while at the same time, provide peace of mind knowing that when spills happen, and dirt, snow, water and salt are tracked onto your Model 3 floor - no damage is done.[spacer height="15px" id="2"] Unlike traditional floor liners that have an industrial hard plastic look; 3D MAXpider textured all-weather floor liners have a "carpet like" appearance and are pleasing to the eye.  Because of the textured finish your feet rest on an anti-slip surface – not slick like other floor liners, which is especially advantageous when your shoes are wet.  [spacer height="15px" id="2"] Exact Fit - Protects Flooring - Easy to Clean. MAXpider three dimensional floor liners fit the contours of your model 3 exactly for a professional looking fit.  Edges are raised to provide maximum coverage and protection for your Model 3. Spills are trapped, and can be easily rinsed off with water. Since MAXpider liners are not heavy they are easier to remove for cleaning than other brands of floor liners.[spacer height="15px" id="2"] 3 Layer Purposeful Construction: Top layer is made from Thermoplastic textured waterproof Rubber. Middle XPE layer reduces foot fatigue & provides a barrier to road noise. Bottom layer material is slip resistant to keep liners in place without sliding around.  (No Grommets or Hooks needed for Driver's Side Liner.)[spacer height="15px" id="2"] MAXpider Floor Liners are non-toxic and odorless.[spacer height="15px" id="2"] Testimonial: "Received the MAXpiders this morning.  They are simple and modern with a quiet elegance...a very sleek, luxurious suede look to them and are super lightweight.  No other car floor mats can even come close.  By comparison, WeatherTech liners look harsh, industrial and aren't compatible with the Tesla look."  — Matt B[spacer height="15px" id="2"] Excellent Video Review of MAXpider Liners for Model 3: [kad_youtube url="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0G3FjpADXJk&feature=youtu.be" width=300 height=165 ] [spacer height="15px" id="2"]   Color: Black   Note: Some drivers do not like the look of the "3D Emblem" found on MAXpider floor liners. [spacer height="15px" id="2"] You can easily apply a vinyl wrap in matte black to change the look to a subtle looking 3D emblem.  See this link for details: Model 3 3D MAXpider Mat Logo Decal [spacer height="15px" id="2"] Installation:  Remove factory floor mats before installing MAXpider Floor Liners.  For rear seat floor liner, face the straight edge towards the 2nd row seat.[spacer height="15px" id="2"]   PRICING MAXpider Floor Liners, Model 3:   Prices include FREE SHIPPING to Continental USA via FedEx ground from California[spacer height="15px" id="2"] $129.59 Front Seats Floor liners 2018-2019 0041  $129.60 Front Seats Floor Liners for 2020-2022 0261 Revised Fitment Passenger Seat Liner ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- $194.28 Front + Rear Seats, Floor Liners for 2018-2019, 0040    $205.11 Front and Rear Seats Floor Liners for 2020-2022, 0260  $291.49 Elegant Carpeted Front and Rear Seats Floor liners for 2018-2019 0040 4709 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- $97.19 Rear Trunk Upper Liner 004 2018 - July 2021 $109.79 Rear Trunk Upper Liner 041 August 2021-2022  $91.50 Rear Trunk Lower Sub-trunk Liner 015 2018-2022  ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- $91.49 FRUNK 2018-2020 Model 3s NO Heat Pump 006  $91.51 FRUNK 2021-2022 Frunk Liner for Model 3s With Heat Pump 022  [spacer height="15px" id="2"] ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- $485.29 Complete set of 6 MAXpider Floor Liners for up to July 2021  Model 3 with Heat Pump  Front + Rear Seats Liners (3) 0260 + Frunk (1) 022 + Rear Trunk Upper (1) 004 + Rear Trunk Lower (1) 015[spacer height="15px" id="2"] $498.12 Complete set of 6 MAXpider Floor Liners August 2021 - 2022 Front + Rear Seats Liners (3) 0260 + Frunk (1) 022 + Rear Trunk Upper (1) 041 + Rear Trunk Lower (1) 015   $75.00 will be added to the above prices for Shipments to Hawaii, Alaska and Canada[spacer height="15px" id="2"] 10% sales tax will be added to the above prices to customers in Illinois. [spacer height="15px" id="2"] Note:  Back Orders will be shipped in the order they were received.
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    Solo Sleeper For Model 3, For Tent use, or as a Home Guest Bed.  Available by Late November.
    Solo Sleeper For Model 3, For Tent use, or as a Home Guest Bed. Available by Late November.
    At 29x77x5 inches, Solo Sleeper is just the right size to sleep one adult inside Teslas S,3,X and Y. It Self-inflates in about 2 minutes and is very comfortable.  Because of the open cell foam inside the mattress you won't bottom out, and sleeps similar to your bed at home.[spacer height="15px" id="2"]Top and sides fabric is soft and smoooth 50 denier and bottom fabric is durable 75 denier.  Solo Sleeper is washable.[spacer height="15px" id="2"] Solo Sleeper also makes a nice home guest bed or use as a tent camping bed.[spacer height="15px" id="2"] A rechargeable, cordless air pump is included to speed deflation along and to add air if a very firm mattress is desireable.  Once deflated, Solo Sleeper Rolls up to fit inside your sub-trunk.[spacer height="15px" id="2"]2 Valves - can both be used for inflation and deflation. Solo Sleeper weighs 8 pounds.  Colors: top and sides very light grey, bottom medium dark grey.[spacer height="15px" id="2"] Price is $285.00 which includes a stuff sack bag, an air pump and shipping to continental 48 states destinations..[spacer height="15px" id="2"] Call for shipping cost to Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico and countries outside the US  224 676 1484 Central Time, or email to:  info@ForMyTesla.com.  Ask for Jerry.[spacer height="15px" id="2"] Order now to reserve your Solo Sleeper.  No charge till I can ship.  Available by Late November.[spacer height="15px" id="2"]
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    Travel Cooler For Model 3
    Travel Cooler For Model 3
    AC/DC 21qt. (20L) Portable Cooler with Dual Temperature Controls. Cools and Freezes at the same time.  Use in-home or on the go… Monitor and Set Temps remotely with Bluetooth Smart Phone app[spacer height="15px" id="2"] Free Shipping to continental US.  Email info@ForMyTesla.com for shipping costs to AK, HI, PR and countries outside the US.[spacer height="15px" id="2"] Note:  For states where collection of sales tax is required, ForMyTesla will pay 1/2 of that assessmenet and the remainder will be charged as part of the purchase price. [spacer height="15px" id="2"]
    $69.00$449.00 Select options
    Use this Comfortable Tri-Fold Foam Mattress in Model 3 with Tesla’s “Camp Mode” or as a Home Guest Bed
    Use this Comfortable Tri-Fold Foam Mattress in Model 3 with Tesla’s “Camp Mode” or as a Home Guest Bed

    Enjoy ForMyTesla's Tri-Fold mattress with "Camp Mode" in your Tesla or any SUV with 75" or 78" of flat trunk depth.  Many drivers are discovering the fun and adventure of "in car sleeping", and using RV and State Parks as destinations to re-charge, refresh and sleep. Far less expensive than staying at a hotel.  For long road trips, having this very comfortable mattress to take a nap at SuperCharger locations would be very relaxing.[spacer height="15px" id="2"]Mattress fits, S, 3, Y, and X where seats fold flat.  Links here to watch video reviews of Travel Mattress for Model 3:

    Frugal Tesla Guy:


    Evan Michiels:


    Chris McBob:




    [spacer height="15px" id="2"]This Home & Travel 6" thick Mattress is far less expensive than some companies that offer a less comfortable 2 inch thin European mattress for $750-$900 or more.[spacer height="15px" id="2"] This mattress is the ideal solution for temporary sleeping accommodations at home, to give your guest a comfortable bed to get a good night's sleep. Use in dorm rooms and tent camping as well. Makes a fun surface for kids to play on.[spacer height="15px" id="2"]This 4" or 6" thick mattress is Firm yet VERY comfortable - especially compared to an air mattress or a thin 2 inch mattress.[spacer height="15px" id="2"] This 6" Travel mattress is constructed of Superior Quality 1.5" luxurious memory foam over a 4.5" high density foam base. The 4" is constructed of dense foam.  This mattress will not lose its shape, is firm, yet very comfortable.  Mattress is ventilated which provides air flow to help regulate sleep temperature for maximum comfort.[spacer height="15px" id="2"]The 6" Mattress can be moved into a "Lounge Chair" sitting position by placing the front section of the mattress against the front seat backs at a 45 degree angle.  In the seated position you can do work, have face time, or view Netflix on devices placed on the shelf in Model 3.  It's more comfortable to be watching in a seated position than lying down.[spacer height="15px" id="2"]When not in use, this PORTABLE mattress folds neatly away in seconds for storage inside the included carry case. The carry case keeps dust, pollen, pet dander, moisture and other airborne pollutants away from your fresh clean mattress. The carry/storage case is made from thick, durable polyester canvas to resist rips and tears. Convenient carry handles are stitched on three sides to make portability a breeze.[spacer height="15px" id="2"]This mattress is OEKO-TEX certified to ensure that it is entirely free from harmful chemicals and safe for human use.[spacer height="15px" id="2"]

    Note:  Before you put the mattress into your Model 3, move your front seats forward.  [spacer height="15px" id="2"]


    When planning a trip, put the mattress in the unfolded "Bed Position", and place luggage and other gear on top of the mattress, in sub-trunk, Frunk and in the 2nd row foot wells.  Upon returning home, fold the mattress and put it into the carry case and store in your garage or walk-in closet.[spacer height="15px" id="2"] If you need to use the 2nd row seats during your trip, just fold the front section of the tri-fold mattress under the 2nd section, to allow room to use the 2nd row seats.[spacer height="15px" id="2"[spacer height="15px" id="2"]When sleeping 2 people add pillows on the sides of the mattress to widen the use of the mattress ie a place to put your arms while sleeping.[spacer height="15px" id="2"]    

    4" or 6" Mattresses with Storage/Carry Case Includes:[spacer height="15px" id="2"]

    (3) Mattress covers, one for each of the 3 zippered sections.  Covers are removable and washable. The ultra-soft bamboo covers feature an anti-slip bottom surface.[spacer height="15px" id="2"]

    OPTIONS TO PURCHASE:[spacer height="15px" id="2"]

    (2) Egyptian Cotton sheets and (1) 20"x 30" Standard size pillow case.

    Woven with Long staple cotton fibers for superior quality, durability, and softness.

    Sheet Colors:  Black, Burgundy, Light Grey, Navy, Red or White

    3 piece sheet set includes:

    1 fitted Bottom sheet, 1 Top sheet and 1 standard 30x20 size pillowcase (no Pillow)[spacer height="15px" id="2"]

    Note: The Tesla T logo is NOT included on the sheets.[spacer height="15px" id="2"]

    Travel Size Pillows with Pillowcases:

    (2)  Small Travel Size Pillows each 14" x 19"

    Down Alternative insert 100% Polyester fill (12oz) with White Cotton shell.

    You will enjoy the soft and sumptuous hypoallergenic alternative to Down.

    (2) White Pillowcases  

    Hypoallergenic, 100% Cotton, Sateen Finish, Ultra soft, Smooth, and Washable.  [spacer height="15px" id="2"]


    84"x 60" Down Alternative Hypoallergenic, all season, Gray Comforter.  Works well for persons who prefer a lighter weight comforter.

    85"x 61" Down Alternative Hypoallergenic, all season, silky smooth material.  Reversible Black-Gray.  Looks beautiful!

    Works well for persons who want to retain their body heat with a medium weight comforter. [spacer height="15px" id="2"]

    Mattresses for Model Y:

    6" thickness, Weight: 26 pounds, Sleeps Two Very Comfortably

    (Shipping Box size 41x13x13, 30lbs)

    4" thickness, Weight: 16 pounds, Firm, Sleeps Two Comfortably

    (Shipping Box size 41x10x10 inches, 20lbs)

    Free Shipping to continental US 48 states.

    Note:  Neither Mattress nor Sheets are made or sold by Tesla Motors.[spacer height="15px" id="2"]

    Return Policy:  The buyer may return this mattress if it is unused, and in new and re-sellable condition.

    The buyer is responsible for return shipping costs which may be expensive due the weight and size of the box.

    Once the plastic wrap is removed from the mattress, it will expand, and that will require a new, larger box for a return to seller.[spacer height="15px" id="2"]

    $47.00$295.00 Select options