Caliper paint kit can be ordered without letters for $59.00 or with letters for $79.00 plus shipping.

The G2 caliper paint system is the next best thing to powder coating; but with powder coating you have to replace the seals inside your calipers and bleed your brake lines. None of that is necessary with the brushed on, G2 epoxy paint system.

G2 2-part epoxy paint is made in the USA

Greatly enhance the appearance of your Tesla by applying this durable, high-gloss, very long lasting protective coating to your calipers. Paint is thick, and formulated to be brushed on to fill imperfections in the metal. Everything required is provided in the kit.

G2 epoxy paint will outlast high temperature spray paint. Finish is very durable with heat tolerance to 900F. Finish resists chipping and colors stay vibrant for years. Made in the USA.

Each G2 Paint System includes Caliper Cleaner,
Mixing can, Stirrer, Paint, Reactive Hardner and Application Brush.


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Make sure you locate the lift to meet the mounting points on Model S.
Set your LCD screen to “Jack”

If you happen to have a floor can buy jack stands here:

JackPoint JackStands, LLC

The kit should be used between 56-70°F (13-21°C) these are the optimal temperatures. The kit can of course be used outside of this ideal temperature range however you will need to keep in  mind that higher temperatures will cause the paint to harden faster than normal and lower temperatures will require a longer cure time.

We do not recommend using a hair dryer as the product is self-leveling.

Once your car is on a lift, remove your wheels, clean all four calipers, sanding smooth if necessary.
Then use the spray brake cleaner supplied in the kit.
Mask to prevent paint from contacting pads and discs.

Just prior to application, mix paint with reactive hardener.
Allow 5 minutes to react, then stir again.
After mixing, working time is 4-6 hours.

There is enough paint to cover four calipers with two coats.
Add one thin even coat to each caliper as a primer,
then WAIT 15 MINUTES before adding a second finishing coat.

Allow 2 hours for paint to cure before re-installing wheels.

Wait 24 hours before applying letter decals and driving your Tesla.

Note: Flammable aerosol cleaner is removed from
kit when shipping by air to AK, HI, PR or country
outside the USA.

Caliper Paint Colors Available:

Red, Black, White, Silver, Yellow, Green, Blue,
Orange, Gold, Purple and Pink.

Paint your parking brake caliper,
rusty edges of your rotors and hubs
“hat area”, with silver or black caliper paint.
This will provide a clean look
and complement your wheels.
2nd paint kit is $59.00.

Color of paint can be matched to body color
with your paint code.  Cost $150.00
Email for details:

Letter Colors for Calipers:

Standard Letter color is gloss white.

Optional Letter Colors:  Blue, Burgundy,
Gloss Black, Matte Black, Grey, Red,
Yellow, Orange, Silver and Metallic Gold

Download Decal Application Instructions

Before and After

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