3D MAXpider All Weather Floor Liners

Use Portable & Comfortable Tri-Fold Foam Mattress in Model S with Tesla's "Camp Mode" or as a Home Guest Bed

Travel Sleeper is a Self-Inflating 5 inch thick Open Cell Foam Mattress that is Comfortable and Portable for Road Trips and Car Camping. In Stock

Solo Sleeper is a Self-Inflating Open Cell Foam Mattress For Model S that is Comfortable and Portable 29x77x5 Sleeps One Adult. In Stock

AC/DC 21qt. (20L) Portable Cooler with Dual Temperature Controls. Cools and Freezes, at the same time. Use in-home or on the go… Monitor and Set Temps remotely with Bluetooth Smart Phone app

NEW! Do it Yourself Ceramic Coating Kit 3+ Years Durability

2 versions of the Docking Station Tent will be made. DS-1 is a one room tent and DS-2 is a 2 room tent. Both attach to your Tesla.

Car Care

Custom Embroidered Carpeted Floor Mats

MAXpider "Elegant" Carpeted Floor Liners

Protect your Tesla from Rock Chips with Paint Protection Film, PPF, DIY Pre-cut film