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Custom floor mats can be made for your Tesla Model S or Model X.

We offer Passenger Cabin mats, plus Front and Rear Trunk mats.

The carpet is made from German Velour, which has a soft feel, deep color,
and is easy to clean with a little water, soft brush and microfiber cloth.

These mats hold their shape and won’t buckle.  The rubber nibbed backing provides a non-slip surface to insure your mats stay put, and will not slide around, or flop over.
The mats are constructed in the USA.  The  Embroidery is professionally done and coated with a stain repellent to keep them looking great for a long time.
These custom carpeted mats will enhance the high quality appearance of your Model S interior.
Whether you want to display your company’s logo, “Zero Emissions”, “INSANE”, “LUDICROUS” your name, your initials, or family crest – if it can be digitized we can embroider it on your custom floor mats.

Frunk and Trunk Mats do not have, nor need, rubber nibbed backing since they are form fitting.

Questions?  Call Jerry at: 224 676 1484 or email to:

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Color of Carpet
Color of Vinyl Border
Color of Embroidery
Color of optional Heel pad
Tell us if you have Next Generation Seats?
Frunk mat  indicate your serial number ie before or after VIN# P21270)




Pricing with 1 or 2 graphics per mat, plus shipping:

Floor Mats can be ordered individually or as a full set.

$225.00 Front Seats Mats, with rubber spiked backing, & includes optional Driver’s Side Heel Pad

$150.00 2nd row Seat Mat, with rubber spiked backing.

$225.00 Frunk Mat, no rubber spiked backing.

$300.00 Two Rear Trunk Mats, no rubber spiked backing.  Embroidery available on Cargo Well Lid mat only.

$900.00 for all the above mats, plus shipping.

Email Jerry for shipping estimate for orders shipping outside the USA.


$25.00 each Additional Graphic per mat, where space allows

$50.00 to digitize custom graphics.


For discussion and firm price quote call Jerry at 888 563 7227
8:30am to 8:30pm Central Time Monday-Saturday.

or email:

Note:  If you have tan seats, Black Carpet, Beige Vinyl Border and Beige Embroidery is a good combination


When you receive your mats there may be an odor.  This is
from the rubber and adhesive which have not fully outgased.
If you have this smell, air them out in your garage for one week
and the odor will be gone. You can also use a fan and put the mats in the sun rubber side up.


Custom mats are not returnable.

Questions?  Call Jerry at 224 676 1484

or email to:


To order call Jerry at 888 563 7227 or 847 808 8609


8:30am to 8:30pm Central Time Monday-Saturday

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