Deflation of Self-inflating Mattress (SIM) for Transport 

For deflation of the mattress,

use the longest nozzle of the three nozzles included.

Cut away the other nozzles for other uses like inflating pool toys.


Use one OPEN valve port (No flaps engaged) on the wide side of the mattress with 3 other valves closed – Both flaps engaged.

Attach longest optional nozzle to the deflate side of the Air Pump, and insert nozzle through the open valve port hole in the mattress to align with the cored-out tunnel inside the foam.  (Verifies Open air pathway)

Turn on the pump to deflate the mattress. 

With one hand hold the pump in positon while the pump is running.  (You may optionally lay on the mattress to help with deflation.)

Deflate for 5 minutes until the the mattress is 1.5 inches thick and very little air is passing from the pump.

Turn off the pump and quickly close both the yellow and the “stoppper”  flaps on the valve.

Now you can fold or roll up the mattress and attach securing straps.  After full deflation, it is easier to roll up the Mattress while it is flat out (not folded in half lengthwise) to fit inside the long stuff sack for transport in your car’s primary large trunk. 

Rolling up the deflated mattress to its smallest size, to fit inside the rear lower trunk or Frunk in Model Y is possible, but not easy to do since Travel Sleeper is made of high density open cell foam to maximize sleeping comfort.

For the smallest rolled up size:  After deflation, fold the mattress in half lengthwise and roll up,

then secure the 2 straps and insert into the stuff sack.

Questions?  Contact Jerry at:  224 676 1484, Central Time Zone